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HCPCS level III codes

HCPCS level III codes came in to existence not before the year 2003. HCPCS level III codes are considered only as local codes and are not nationally accepted. These codes represent an item or service which is not included in the HCPCS level I and level II codes. Normally these codes would starts with an alphabet X or Z followed by four numeric characters like HCPCS level II codes. As we stated earlier that these are local codes only few insurances would accept reporting these codes and one such insurance is California's Medi-cal insurance that would prefer reimbursement only these codes are reported for an item / supplies. To know more about these codes please click the following link

http://files.medi-cal.ca.gov/pubsdoco/publications/masters-mtp/part2/hcpcsiii_m00i00o00a00.doc Blogger Widget

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