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UHC Cardiology Notification Program - Procedures Requiring Notification

Notification is required for each of the following procedures in all places of service including inpatient, outpatient, and office-based settings:

Diagnostic Catheterization (Effective January 1, 2011)

Diagnostic left heart catheterization (ventriculography only): 93452

Combined right and left heart catheterization (ventriculography only): 93453

Coronary Arteriogram (no ventriculography): 93454, 93455

Coronary Arteriogram and right catheterization (no ventriculography) 93456, 93457

Coronary Arteriogram (with ventriculography): 93458, 93459

Coronary Arteriogram and right catheterization (with ventriculography) 93460, 93461

Electrophysiology Implants

Pacemakers: CPT codes 33206, 33207, 33208, 33212, 33213, 33214, 33225

Defibrillators: CPT Codes 33240, 33249

Retrospective Notifications

Physicians should not delay emergency care in order to notify. If a physician determines that a procedure is required on an emergent basis, the service should be performed, and notification should be requested retrospectively. Retrospective Notification requests must be made within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date of service. Documentation for Retrospective Notification must include an explanation as to why the procedure was required on an emergent basis.

For more information please refer UHC PHYSICIAN GUIDELINES

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