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CPT codes that are considered as inclusive when submitted along with Critical Care codes (99291 - 99292) on the same day.

The following services when performed on the day a physician bills for critical care are included in the critical care service and should not be reported separately:

• The interpretation of cardiac output measurements (CPT 93561, 93562);

• Chest x-rays, professional component (CPT 71010, 71015, 71020);

• Blood draw for specimen (CPT 36415);• Blood gases, and information data stored in computers (e.g., ECGs, blood pressures, hematologic data-CPT 99090);

• Gastric intubation (CPT 43752, 91105);

• Pulse oximetry (CPT 94760, 94761, 94762);

• Temporary transcutaneous pacing (CPT 92953);

• Ventilator management (CPT 94002 – 94004, 94660, 94662); and

• Vascular access procedures (CPT 36000, 36410, 36415, 36591, 36600).

No other procedure codes are bundled into the critical care services. Therefore, other medically necessary procedure codes may be billed separately.

Reference: https://www.cms.gov/manuals/downloads/clm104c12.pdf

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