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Modifier 47 Usage and Reimbursement

Modifier -47 is used to report regional or general anesthesia provided by the attending or assistant surgeon. Add CPT modifier 47 to the basic service. This does not include local anesthesia. Use modifier 47 only for the CPT codes 10021 through 69990. Report modifier 47 in the second modifier position.

Incorrect use of modifier 47:

Use of modifier 47 by the anesthesiologist

Appending modifier 47 to CPT codes 00100 through 01999

Do not use modifier 47 for local anesthesia

Report CPT modifier 47 with the surgical procedure code when the surgeon provides moderate sedation. See CPT codes 99143 through 99145.

Do not use this modifier if the surgeon is monitoring general anesthesia performed by an anesthesiologist, CRNA, resident, or intern.


If the same physician performs anesthesia and surgery, the anesthesia is considered inclusive with the surgery. No separate or additional benefit is available for the anesthesia. This modifier is informational only and does not affect reimbursement.

This modifier is not a Medicare covered benefit.

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