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CPT code for Narcosynthesis

A hypnotic drug known as Amytal or sodium amobarbital is infused into the patient via an intravenous drip for psychiatric diagnostic or psychotherapeutic treatment purposes. Amytal is a hypnotic sedative used for diagnosing dissociative disorders and to treat trauma victims by accessing repressed memories, emotions, or events to facilitate healing. This is often used after other measures have failed and/or when gaining a definitive diagnosis is medically essential. A sodium Amytal interview is often conducted in an inpatient setting, to monitor the effects of the drug. The patient is in a hypnotic state, where memories, as the patient perceives them, are more confidently reviewed. These interviews are often videotaped for later discussion.

This is a covered service with the Medicare program when based on medical necessity.

Report CPT 90865 for Narcosynthesis for psychiatric diagnosis and therapeutic purposes (e.g., sodium amobarbital (amytal) interview)

ICD codes 290 - 319 (Mental Disorders)

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