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CPT Codes

Newly added CPT codes

90869 Tcran magn stim redetemine
92071 Contact lens fitting for tx
92072 Fit contac lens for managmnt
92558 Evoked auditory test qual
92618 Ex for nonspeech dev rx add
93998 Noninvas vasc dx study proc
94726 Pulm funct tst plethysmograp
94727 Pulm function test by gas
94728 Pulm funct test oscillometry
94729 C02/membane diffuse capacity
94780 Car seat/bed test 60 min
94781 Car seat/bed test + 30 min
95885 Musc tst done w/nerv tst lim
95886 Musc test done w/n test comp
95887 Musc tst done w/n tst nonext
95938 Somatosensory testing
95939 C motor evoked upr&lwr limbs

Deleted CPT code list

90470 Immune admin H1N1 im/nasal
90663 Flu vacc pandemic H1N1
92070 Fitting of contact lens
92120 Tonography & eye evaluation
92130 Water provocation tonography
93720 Total body plethysmography
93721 Plethysmography tracing
93722 Plethysmography report
93875 Extracranial study
94240 Residual lung capacity
94260 Thoracic gas volume
94350 Lung nitrogen washout curve
94360 Measure airflow resistance
94370 Breath airway closing volume
94720 Monoxide diffusing capacity
94725 Membrane diffusion capacity

Please see complete list of 2012 CPT code changes

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