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Highmark Medicare Services is changing its name to Novitas Solutions

Released on March 07, 2012 "As announced March 1, 2012, Highmark Medicare Services is changing its name to Novitas Solutions. Effective March 10, 2012, Novitas Solutions will begin migrating the current Highmark Medicare Services website to our new Novitas Solutions website. We are targeting completing our name-change to all active webpage content by March 30, 2012. The new Novitas Solutions website URL will be www.novitas-solutions.com. As this migration takes place, you will notice the following:

Visiting www.novitas-solutions.com today will already take you to the current Highmark Medicare Services website.

The Highmark Medicare Services website will be renamed to www.novitas-solutions.com and our main header logos will be changed to reflect our new company name.

Throughout the website, we will be changing the verbiage within active webpages from “Highmark Medicare Services” to “Novitas Solutions.”

There will be some historical documents on our website that will not be changed to our new company name. These documents (e.g., past Medicare Report issues) were issued under our previous company name, and it is appropriate to keep these documents as they were originally issued.

We understand that many of our customers have currently bookmarked favorite pages throughout our website. During and after this migration is completed, those bookmarks should continue to work. We are employing an automatic redirect process that will redirect page requests to the correct new webpage. We do recommend that you update your bookmark for the new webpage once you are redirected. We will continue to post updates to our website as we move through this migration. We appreciate your patience as we move to www.novitas-solutions.com".

Please note: Effective January 1, 2012, Diversified Service Options, Inc. (DSO), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Inc., acquired Novitas Solutions from its parent company, Highmark Inc. As a result, Novitas changed its name to Novitas Solutions, Inc. (Novitas). Novitas will continue to be the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for J12 and the Section 1011 Administrative Contractor.

Reference: https://www.novitas-solutions.com/partb/whatsnew/
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