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Reporting of Recoupment for Overpayment on the Remittance Advice (RA) with Patient Control Number

It has been brought to the attention of CMS that providing the Patient Control Number as received on the original claim rather than the Health Insurance Claim (HIC) number would:

• Enhance provider ability to automate payment posting, and

• Reduce the need for additional communication (via telephone calls, etc.) that would subsequently reduce the costs for providers as well as Medicare.

CR7499 instructs the shared systems to replace the HIC number being sent on the ERA with the Patient Control Number, received on the original claim. The ERA will continue to report the HIC number if the Patient Control Number is not available. This would appear in positions 20-39 of PLB 03-2. A demand letter is also sent to the provider when the Accounts Receivable (A/R) is created. This document contains a claim control number for tracking purposes that is also reported in positions 1-19 of PLB 03-2 on the ERA. (DME ERAs (835’s) will show a Financial Control Number in positions 1-14 of PLB 03-2 and the Adjustment Claim Control Number in positions 15-29 of PLB 03-2.)

Please note: Instructions in CR7499 apply to the 005010A1 version of ASC X12 Transaction 835 only and do not apply to the Standard Paper Remit or the 004010A1 version of ASC X12 Transaction 835.
Reference: http://cms.gov/Outreach-and-Education/Medicare-Learning-Network-MLN/MLNMattersArticles/Downloads/MM7499.pdf

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