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Aquatic Therapy with Therapeutic Exercise (CPT code 97113)

This procedure uses the therapeutic properties of water (e.g., buoyancy, resistance). Hydrotherapy is useful in post-operative extremity (joint) rehabilitation (e.g., total hip or knee arthroplasty, total shoulder, elbow, and wrist arthroplasty).

Aquatic therapy with therapeutic exercise may be considered medically necessary if at least one of the following conditions is present and documented:

- the patient has rheumatoid arthritis;

- the patient has had a cast removed and requires mobilization of limbs;

- the patient has paraparesis or hemiparesis;

- the patient has had a recent amputation;

- the patient is recovering from a paralytic condition;

- the patient requires limb mobilization after a head trauma; or

- the patient is unable to tolerate exercise for rehabilitation under gravity based weight bearing.

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