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Assistive Technology Assessment (CPT code 97755)

This procedure is used by the provider to assess for the suitability and benefits of technological interface that will help restore, augment, or compensate for existing functional ability in the patient.

The patient’s voluntary motions (e.g., oral motor strength, head/neck range of motion and strength, ocular motor control, quality of voice output and client’s ability to use the accessibility components and systems) are identified and assessed. Multiple systems/components are tested to determine optimal interface between client and technology applications.

Appropriateness of commercial (off-the-shelf) components/systems is determined. The need for modification of commercial components/systems is assessed. Custom components/systems are designed and tested as needed for the patient.

Coverage is specifically for assessment of mobility and seating systems that require high level adaptation, not for routine seating and mobility systems (e.g., manual/power wheelchair evaluations).

Utilization of this service should be infrequent.

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