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The new guidelines will require pathologist/laboratories to clearly document when a multiplex/ cocktail stained probe procedure has been performed for FISH. Unit of service for FISH is “per specimen, per separate single probe stain procedure.”

NOTE that 88364 has a + sign denoting it is an add on code and can only be billed when 88365 is also billed. 88364 is for each additional probe “stain procedure” for a different antibody(s). Also note that the add on code in this instance is before the primary procedure code in number. AMA didn’t have an available code in this area to make the add on code come after the primary code in number like they normally do. So coders will have to pay CLOSE attention to make sure they don’t bill the wrong code as the primary and add on code.

Finally, a new code to represent multiplex antibody probe stain procedure has been introduced (88366) to represent when a single probe stain procedure contains multiple antibodies on that given probe.

CPT Code:+ 88364

Code Description:
In situ hybridization (eg, FISH), per specimen; each additional single probe stain
procedure (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure)
Use 88364 in conjunction with 88365

CPT Code: 88366

Code Description:
In situ hybridization (eg, FISH), per specimen; each multiplex probe stain procedure .
Do not report 88365, 88366 in conjunction with 88367, 88368, 88374, 88377 for the same probe.

Reference: www.ama-assn.org/

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