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ICD 11 To Be Implemented in 2018

Following the ICD-11 Revision Conference in Tokyo, the WHO team has been focusing on a cross-cutting view of the classification. The horizontal work is done to ensure the chapters work together and are consistent in their approach to classifying entities, such as post procedural conditions, or conditions seen principally in Primary Care that appear in multiple chapters. There has also been work done on the index to confirm that terms point to the correct location, and are correctly written in natural language. The mapping of concepts between ICD-10 and ICD-11 is also in the process of being reviewed. Movements of entities between chapters are verified and corrected where necessary.

Below is an example for ICD 11 codes for Hypertension
Hypertensive diseases
BA00 Essential hypertension  
BA00.1 Combined diastolic and systolic hypertension  
BA00.2 Isolated diastolic hypertension  
BA00.3 Isolated systolic hypertension  
BA00.Y Other specified essential hypertension  
BA00.Z Essential hypertension, unspecified  
BA01 Hypertensive heart disease  
BA02 Hypertensive renal disease  
BA03 Hypertensive crisis  
BA04 Secondary hypertension  
MD90.11 White coat hypertension  
BA0Y Other specified hypertensive diseases  
BA0Z Hypertensive diseases, unspecified

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