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The AMA CPT Editorial Panel has approved revised guidelines for new and established office or outpatient visit codes 99202-99215 that woul...

Clinical Examples for 99291

First hour of critical care of a 65-year-old man with septic shock following relief of ureteral obstruction caused by a stone.

First hour of critical care a 15-year-old with acute respiratory failure from asthma

First hour of critical of a 45-year-old who sustained a liver laceration, cerebral hematoma, flailed chest, and pulmonary contusion after being struck by an automobile.

First hour of critical care of a 65-year-old women who, following a hysterectomy, suffered a cardiac arrest associated with a pulmonary embolus.

First hour of critical care of a 6-month-old with hypovolemic shock secondary to diarrhea and dehydration

First hour critical of a 3-year-old with respiratory failure secondary to pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

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