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Upcoming HCPCS (NEW) Code Changes Effective from October 1, 2019

New Codes:

J0121 Injection, omadacycline, 1 mg
J0122 Injection, eravacycline, 1 mg
J0222 Injection, Patisiran, 0.1 mg
J0291 Injection, plazomicin, 5 mg
J0593 Injection, lanadelumab-flyo, 1 mg (code may be used for Medicare when drug administered under direct supervision of a physician, not for use when drug is self-administered)
J1096 Dexamethasone, lacrimal ophthalmic insert, 0.1 mg
J1097 phenylephrine 10.16 mg/ml and ketorolac 2.88 mg/ml ophthalmic irrigation solution, 1 ml
J1303 Injection, ravulizumab-cwvz, 10 mg
J1943 Injection, aripiprazole lauroxil, (aristada initio), 1 mg
J1944 Injection, aripiprazole lauroxil, (aristada), 1 mg
J2798 Injection, risperidone, (perseris), 0.5 mg
J3031 Injection, fremanezumab-vfrm, 1 mg (code may be used for Medicare when drug administered under the direct supervision of a physician, not for use when drug is self-administered)
J3111 Injection, romosozumab-aqqg, 1 mg
J7314 Injection, fluocinolone acetonide, intravitreal implant (Yutiq), 0.01 mg
J7331 Hyaluronan or derivative, synojoynt, for intra-articular injection, 1 mg
J7332 Hyaluronan or derivative, triluron, for intra-articular injection, 1 mg
J7401 Mometasone furoate sinus implant, 10 micrograms
J9118 Injection, calaspargase pegol-mknl, 10 units
J9119 Injection, cemiplimab-rwlc, 1 mg
J9204 Injection, mogamulizumab-kpkc, 1 mg
J9210 Injection, emapalumab-lzsg, 1 mg
J9269 Injection, tagraxofusp-erzs, 10 micrograms
J9313 Injection, moxetumomab pasudotox-tdfk, 0.01 mg
Q4205 Membrane graft or membrane wrap, per square centimeter
Q4206 Fluid flow or fluid GF, 1 cc
Q4208 Novafix, per square cenitmeter
Q4209 Surgraft, per square centimeter
Q4210 Axolotl graft or axolotl dualgraft, per square centimeter
Q4211 Amnion bio or Axobiomembrane, per square centimeter
Q4212 Allogen, per cc
Q4213 Ascent, 0.5 mg
Q4214 Cellesta cord, per square centimeter
Q4215 Axolotl ambient or axolotl cryo, 0.1 mg
Q4216 Artacent cord, per square centimeter
Q4217 Woundfix, BioWound, Woundfix Plus, BioWound Plus, Woundfix Xplus or BioWound Xplus, per square centimeter
Q4218 Surgicord, per square centimeter
Q4219 Surgigraft-dual, per square centimeter
Q4220 BellaCell HD or Surederm, per square centimeter
Q4221 Amniowrap2, per square centimeter
Q4222 Progenamatrix, per square centimeter
Q4226 MyOwn skin, includes harvesting and preparation procedures, per square centimeter
Q5116 Injection, trastuzumab-qyyp, biosimilar, (trazimera), 10 mg
Q5117 Injection, trastuzumab-anns, biosimilar, (kanjinti), 10 mg
Q5118 Injection, bevacizumab-bvcr, biosimilar, (Zirabev), 10 mg

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