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Coding Questions And Answers

What CPT code should you report for a transluminal peripheral atherectomy, percutaneous; femoral-popliteal?

a. 35490
b. 35491
c. 35492
d. 35493

Answer: 35493

What code should you report for cyclothymia?

a. 301.12
b. 301.13
c. 301.20
d. 301.4

Answer: 301.13

Which of the following terms indicates when a physician inserts a ventilating tube into the opening of the tympanum?

a. Tympanoplasty
b. Tympanostomy
c. Tympanic neurectomy
d. Tympanolysis

Answer: Tympanostomy

Which modifier should you report to indicate when a party other than the treating or reporting physician performs laboratory procedures?

a. Modifier -62
b. Modifier -79
c. Modifier -90
d. Modifier -92

Answer: Modifier -90

Which CPT code should you report for a central motor evoked potential study (transcranial motor stimulation); lower limbs?

a. 95926
b. 95928
c. 95929
d. 95930

Answer: 95929

Which of the following terms is synonymous with Louis-Bar syndrome?

a. Ataxia-telangiectasia
b. Cerebellar ataxia
c. Restless legs syndrome
d. Tardive dyskinesia

Answer: Ataxia-telangiectasia

What CPT code should you report for a 1.3 cm excision of a benign lesion on the scalp including margins?

a. 11402
b. 11420
c. 11422
d. 11442

Answer: 11422

Which of the following describes cyanosis and hypertension resulting from sclerosis of the pulmonary arteries?

a. Arrillaga-Ayerza syndrome
b. Septic pulmonary embolism
c. Arnold-Chiari syndrome
d. Cor pulmonale

Answer: Arrillaga-Ayerza syndrome

What term means laying “face down” on the stomach?

a. Caudal
b. Supine
c. Prone
d. Prostrate

Answer: Prone

What code should you report for Krukenberg procedure?

a. 25900
b. 25915
c. 25920
d. 25927

Answer: 25915

What add-on code should you report for anesthesia complicated by utilization of total body hypothermia?

a. 99100
b. 99116
c. 99135
d. 99140

Answer: 99116

What modifier denotes a scenario in which a provider directly furnishes an ambulance?

a. EP
b. KA
c. QM
d. QN

Answer: QN

What ICD-9 code should you report for Melkersson’s (or Melkersson-Rosenthal) syndrome?

a. 351.0
b. 351.1
c. 351.8
d. 351.9

Answer: 351.8

What ICD-9 code should you report for Steinbrocker’s syndrome?

a. 337.1
b. 337.3
c. 337.9
d. 355.9

Answer: 337.9

What CPT code should you report for an injection of medication in the anterior chamber of the eye (separate procedure)?

a. 65920
b. 65930
c. 66020
d. 66030

Answer: 66030

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