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2010 ICD-9-CM New, Revised and Deleted Codes

CDC has created 313 newly added codes, 23 deleted codes and 45 revised codes that would be effective from the date of service October 1 2009. Some interesting changes in the new ICD – 9 – CM includes

  • A new ICD for H1N1 Flu (ICD 488.1) has been added in response to the recent Flu outbreak.
  • A new section has been added in the E – series [External cause of Injury] of codes that involves the External Cause Status to inidicate the activity of a person seeking healthcare for an injury or health condition by the activity itself. The new section includes ICD’s E001 to E030.
  • ICD 274.0, Gouty arthropathy has been deleted and added ICD’s 274.00 to 274.03 inorder to differentiate the acute and chronic conditions of Gouty arthropathy.
  • ICD V72.6, Laboratory examination has been deleted and added ICD’s V72.60 to V72.69 for detailed documentation on Laboratory examinations.

To know more about final ICD-9-CM Index Addenda, please click the link


To know more about 2010 ICD-9-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting, please click the link


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