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Coding guidelines for Rotavirus vaccine

CDC – Childhood Immunization Schedule – Rotavirus vaccine

Rotavirus vaccine (Rota) – Minimum age: 6 weeks

• Administer the first dose at age 6–12 weeks.

• Do not start the series later than age 12 weeks.

• Administer the final dose in the series by age 32 weeks. Do not administer any dose later than age 32 weeks.

Coding information:

CPT: Report CPT 90680 for oral use in a three-dose schedule – a live pentavalent vaccine contains the actual virus. Report CPT 90681 for a two-dose schedule – oral live attenuated human rotavirus vaccine.

Report any of the above applicable vaccine codes with the administration code CPT 90467 or CPT 90468 (if the vaccine is administered in addition to any other oral vaccine).

ICD: V04.89 / V05.8 or V20.2 (if the vaccines are reported along with Preventive examination)

Reference: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/vis/downloads/vis-rotavirus.pdf

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