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Time Based Procedures

Most of the CPT codes that are used for therapy modalities, procedures, test and measurements specifies the direct (one-on-one) time that is spent in contact with the patient is 15 minutes. Some procedures, by definition, include a reference to time allocation. If more than one CPT code is reported for a single date of service, the total number of units that can be reported is based on the total treatment time.

For any single CPT code, bill a single 15-minute unit as follows:

1 unit = greater than 8 minutes and less than or equal to 23 minutes

2 units = greater than 23 minutes and less than or equal to 38 minutes

3 units = greater than 38 minutes and less than or equal to 53 minutes

4 units = greater than 53 minutes and less than or equal to 68 minutes

Example: If 24 minutes of 97112 and 23 minutes of 97110 were provided, the total treatment time was 47 minutes. Only three units should be billed for the treatment (2 units for 97112 and 1 unit for 97110).

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