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New E&M codes for the year 2019

For 2019, the E&M section of CPT code book will have two new codes for Interprofessional Telephone/Internet/Electronic Health Record...

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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's (AHRQ) - Measures by Domain


HIPAA Final Rule - Effective September 23, 2013

Medicare Claims Processing Manual - All Chapters


Aetna - Urinalysis Dipstick and Pulse Oximetry Coding Change

Florida Medicaid covered CPT codes for Home Health services - Check Appendix D for CPT codes


Florida Medicaid Home page for Provider Handbook and Coverage and Limitations Handbook

EOB Code Crosswalk to HIPAA Standard Codes

Definitions for Services, Institutions etc

List of Tricare Covered Services

Careplus Provider Manual


Billing Company Compliance Manual


Ordering & Referring Information - 2014 Updated


Medical Technologies Database - A comprehensive listing of medical technologies reviewed by the Medical Policy Subcommittee for coverage consideration.


DWC FAQs - CPT 99080 and 99358

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