2014 deleted cpt codes

List Of Deleted CPT Codes For 2014

0078T Endovasc aort repr w/device
0079T Endovasc visc extnsn repr
0080T Endovasc aort repr rad s&i
0081T Endovasc visc extnsn s&i
0124T Conjunctival drug placement
0183T Wound ultrasound
0185T Comptr probability analysis
0186T Suprachoroidal drug delivery
0192T Insert ant segment drain ext
0260T Hypthrm bdy neonate 28d/<
0261T Hypthrm head neonate 28d/<
0318T Replace aortic valve tthorac
13150 Cmplx rpr e/n/e/l 1.0 cm/<
19102 Bx breast percut w/image
19103 Bx breast percut w/device
19290 Place needle wire breast
19291 Place needle wire breast
19295 Place breast clip percut
23331 Remove shoulder foreign body
23332 Remove shoulder foreign body
32201 Drain percut lung lesion
37204 Transcatheter occlusion
37205 Transcath iv stent percut
37206 Transcath iv stent/perc addl
37207 Transcath iv stent open
37208 Transcath iv stent/open addl
37210 Embolization uterine fibroid
42802 Biopsy of throat
43219 Esophagus endoscopy
43228 Esoph endoscopy ablation
43256 Uppr gi endoscopy w/stent
43258 Operative upper GI endoscopy
43267 Endo cholangiopancreatograph
43268 Endo cholangiopancreatograph
43269 Endo cholangiopancreatograph
43271 Endo cholangiopancreatograph
43272 Endo cholangiopancreatograph
43456 Dilate esophagus
43458 Dilate esophagus
44901 Drain app abscess percut
47011 Percut drain liver lesion
48511 Drain pancreatic pseudocyst
49021 Drain abdominal abscess
49041 Drain percut abdom abscess
49061 Drain percut retroper absc
50021 Renal abscess percut drain
58823 Drain pelvic abscess percut HCPCS CodeDesc
64613 Destroy nerve neck muscle
64614 Destroy nerve extrem musc
75960 Transcath iv stent rs&i
77031 Stereotact guide for brst bx
77032 Guidance for needle breast
92506 Speech/hearing evaluation
C1204 Tc 99m tilmanocept
C9130 Injection, IVIG Bivigam
C9131 In ado-trastuzumab emtansine
C9292 Injection, pertuzumab
C9294 Inj, taliglucerase alfa
C9295 Injection, carfilzomib
C9296 Injection, ziv-aflibercept
C9297 Omacetaxine mepesuccinate
C9298 Injection, ocriplasmin
C9736 Lap ablate uteri fibroid rf
G0275 Renal angio, cardiac cath
G8459 Doc pt rec antivir treat
G8462 Pt inelig couns no antvir tx
G8463 Pt rec antiviral treat doc
G8553 Prescrip transmit via ERx sy
G8556 Ref to doc otolog eval
G8557 Pt inelig ref otolog eval
G8558 No ref to doc otolog eval
G8588 Sys BP <140
G8589 Sys BP >= 140
G8590 Dia BP < 90
G8591 Dia BP >= 90
G8592 No BP measure
G8596 No LDL perf
G8603 Spok lang comp score
G8604 No high score spok lang
G8605 No spok lang comp score
G8606 Attention score
G8607 No high score attention
G8608 No attention score
G8609 Memory score
G8610 No high score memory
G8611 No memory score
G8612 Moto speech score
G8613 No high score moto speech
G8614 No moto speech score
G8615 Reading score
G8616 No high score reading
G8617 No reading score
G8618 Spok lang exp score
G8619 No high score spok lang exp
G8620 No spok lang exp score
G8621 Writing score
G8622 No high score writing
G8623 No writing score HCPCS CodeDesc
G8624 Swallowing score
G8625 No high score swallowing
G8626 No swallowing score
G8642 Hrdshp rural w/o internet
G8643 Hrdshp w/o suff pharm w/eRx
G8644 EP no prescribe priv
G8741 Not tx spoken lang
G8742 Not tx attention
G8743 Not tx memory
G8744 Not tx motor speech
G8745 Not tx reading
G8746 Not tx spoken lang express
G8747 Not tx writing
G8748 Not tx swallowing
G8790 Systolic <130mmHg
G8791 Systolic 130-139mmHg
G8792 Systolic >=140mmHg
G8793 Diastolic <80mmHg
G8794 Diastolic 80-89mmHg
G8795 Diastolic >=90mmHg
G8796 BP not doc
G8799 Anticoag ordered
G8800 Doc reas anticoag not order
G8801 Anticoag not ordered
G8812 Pt not elig CTA, duplex, MRA
G8813 CTA, duplex, MRA performed
G8814 No CTA, duplex, MRA
G8827 Aneurysm <= 5.5cm for women
G8835 Asymptom no trans
G8919 Mst rcnt sys bp <140mmg
G8920 Mst rcnt sys bp >=140mmhg
G8921 Mst rcnt dia bp <90mmhg
G8922 Mst rcnt dia bp >=90mmhg
G8945 Aneurysm <=6 cm for men
G8954 Pt data rpt qual clin db reg
J0152 Adenosine injection
J0718 Certolizumab pegol inj
J1440 Filgrastim 300 mcg injection
J1441 Filgrastim 480 mcg injection
J3487 Zoledronic acid
J3488 Reclast injection
J9002 Doxil injection
L0430 Dewall posture protector
Q0090 Skyla 13.5mg
Q0165 Prochlorperazine maleate10mg
Q0168 Dronabinol 5mg oral
Q0170 Promethazine HCl 25 mg oral
Q0171 Chlorpromazine HCl 10mg oral
Q0172 Chlorpromazine HCl 25mg oral
Q0176 Perphenazine 8mg oral
Q0178 Hydroxyzine pamoate 50mg HCPCS CodeDesc
Q2027 Sculptra injection
Q2033 Influenza Vaccine, (Flublok)
Q2051 Zoldedronic acid 1mg
Q3025 IM inj interferon beta 1-a
Q3026 Subc inj interferon beta-1a
S3625 Maternal triple screen test
S3626 Maternal serum quad screen
S3833 Comp APC sequence
S3834 Sing mutation APC

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