2014 new cpt codes

Revised & Updated CPT Codes For January 2014

The following new HCPCS/CPT code(s) will be effective from the dates of services from January 01, 2014. The alpha, for example T, N, Q2, followed by the short description denotes the Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) status indicator.

Integumentary System   

10030    Guide cathet fluid drainage T
19081    Bx breast 1st lesion strtctc T
19082    Bx breast add lesion strtctc N
19083    Bx breast 1st lesion us imag T
19084    Bx breast add lesion us imag N
19085    Bx breast 1st lesion mr imag T
19086    Bx breast add lesion mr imag N
19281    Perq device breast 1st imag Q2
19282    Perq device breast ea imag N
19283    Perq dev breast 1st strtctc Q2
19284    Perq dev breast add strtctc N
19285    Perq dev breast 1st us imag Q2
19286    Perq dev breast add us imag N
19287    Perq dev breast 1st mr guide Q2
19288    Perq dev breast add mr guide N

Musculoskeletal System   

23333    Remove shoulder fb deep T
23334    Shoulder prosthesis removal T
23335    Shoulder prosthesis removal C

Cardiovascular System    

33366    Trcath replace aortic valve C
34841    Endovasc visc aorta 1 graft C
34842    Endovasc visc aorta 2 graft C
34843    Endovasc visc aorta 3 graft C
34844    Endovasc visc aorta 4 graft C
34845    Visc & infraren abd 1 prosth C
34846    Visc & infraren abd 2 prosth C
34847    Visc & infraren abd 3 prosth C
34848    Visc & infraren abd 4+ prost C
37217    Stent placemt retro carotid C
37236    Open/perq place stent 1st T
37237    Open/perq place stent ea add T
37238    Open/perq place stent same T
37239    Open/perq place stent ea add T
37241    Vasc embolize/occlude venous T
37242    Vasc embolize/occlude artery T
37243    Vasc embolize/occlude organ T
37244    Vasc embolize/occlude bleed T

Digestive System

43191    Esophagoscopy rigid trnso dx T
43192    Esophagoscp rig trnso inject T
43193    Esophagoscp rig trnso biopsy T
43194    Esophagoscp rig trnso rem fb T
43195    Esophagoscopy rigid balloon T
43196    Esophagoscp guide wire dilat T
43197    Esophagoscopy flex dx brush T
43198    Esophagosc flex trnsn biopsy T
43211    Esophagoscop mucosal resect T
43212    Esophagoscop stent placement T
43213    Esophagoscopy retro balloon T
43214    Esophagosc dilate balloon 3
43229    Esophagoscopy lesion ablate T
43233    Egd balloon dil esoph3
43253    Egd us transmural injxn/mark T
43254    Egd endo mucosal resection T
43266    Egd endoscopic stent place T
43270    Egd lesion ablation T
43274    Ercp duct stent placement T
43275    Ercp remove forgn body duct T
43276    Ercp stent exchange w/dilate T
43277    Ercp ea duct/ampulla dilate T
43278    Ercp lesion ablate w/dilate T
49405    Image cath fluid colxn visc T
49406    Image cath fluid peri/retro T
49407    Image cath fluid trns/vgnl T

Urinary System   

52356    Cysto/uretero w/lithotripsy T

Nervous System

64616    Chemodenerv musc neck dyston T
64617    Chemodener muscle larynx emg T
64642    Chemodenerv 1 extremity 1-4 T
64643    Chemodenerv 1 extrem 1-4 ea N
64644    Chemodenerv 1 extrem 5/> mus T
64645    Chemodenerv 1 extrem 5/> ea N
64646    Chemodenerv trunk musc 1-5 T
64647    Chemodenerv trunk musc 6/> T

Eye and Ocular Adnexa   

66183    Insert ant drainage device T

Radiation Oncology  

77293    Respirator motion mgmt simul N

Pathology and Laboratory   

80155    Drug screen quant caffeine A
80159    Drug screen quant clozapine A
80169    Drug screen quant everolimus A
80171    Drug screen quant gabapentin A
80175    Drug screen quan lamotrigine A
80177    Drug scrn quan levetiracetam A
80180    Drug scrn quan mycophenolate A
80183    Drug scrn quant oxcarbazepin A
80199    Drug screen quant tiagabine A
80203    Drug screen quant zonisamide A
81287    Mgmt gene methylation anal A
81504    Oncology tissue of origin A
81507    Fetal aneuploidy trisom risk A
87661    Trichomonas vaginalis amplif A
88343    Immunohisto antibod add slid E


92521    Evaluation of speech fluency A
92522    Evaluate speech production A
92523    Speech sound lang comprehen A
92524    Behavral qualit analys voice A
93582    Perq transcath closure pda T
93583    Perq transcath septal reduxn C
94669    Mechanical chest wall oscill S
97610    Low frequency non-thermal us T

Interprofessional Telephone Consultative Services   

99446    Interprof phone/online 5-10 E
99447    Interprof phone/online 11-20 E
99448    Interprof phone/online 21-30 E
99449    Interprof phone/online 31/> E
99481    Tot body syst hypothermia N
99482    Selective head hypothermia N

HCPCS Level II Codes   

A4555    CA Tx E-Stim Electr/Transduc E
A7047    Resp Suction Oral Interface N
A9520    Tc99 Tilmanocept diag 0.5mci G
A9575    Inj Gadoterate Meglumi 0.1mL N
A9599    Radiopha dx beta amyloid pet N
C5271    Low cost skin substitute app T
C5272    Low cost skin substitute app N
C5273    Low cost skin substitute app T
C5274    Low cost skin substitute app N
C5275    Low cost skin substitute app T
C5276    Low cost skin substitute app N
C5277    Low cost skin substitute app T
C5278    Low cost skin substitute app N
C9133    Factor IX recombinant G
C9441    Inj, ferric carboxymaltose G
C9497    Loxapine, inhalation powder G
C9737    Lap esoph augmentation T
D0393    Trtmnt simulation 3d image E
D0394    Digital sub 2 or more images E
D0395    Fusion 2 or more 3d images E
D0601    Caries risk assess low risk E
D0602    Caries risk assess mod risk E
D0603    Caries risk assess high risk E
D1999    Unspecified preventive proc E
D2921    Reattach tooth fragment E
D2941    Int therapeutic restoration E
D2949    Restorative foundation E
D3355    Pulpal regeneration initial E
D3356    Pulpal regeneration interim E
D3357    Pulpal regeneration complete E
D3427    Periradicular surgery E
D3428    Bone graft peri per tooth E
D3429    Bone graft peri each addl E
D3431    Biological materials E
D3432    Guided tissue regeneration E
D4921    Gingival irrigation per quad E
D5863    Overdenture complete max E
D5864    Overdenture partial max E
D5865    Overdenture complete mandib E
D5866    Overdenture partial mandib E
D5994    Peridontal medicament E
D6011    Second stage implant surgery E
D6013    Surgical place mini implant E
D6052    Semi precision attach abut E
D8694    Repair fixed retainers E
D9985    Sales tax E
E0766    Elec Stim Cancer Treatment Y
E1352    O2 flow reg pos inspir press Y
G0461    Immunohisto/cyto chem 1st st X
G0462    Immunohisto/cyto chem add N
G0463    Hospital outpt clinic visit Q3
G9188    Beta not given no reason M
G9189    Beta pres or already taking M
G9190    Medical reason for no beta M
G9191    Pt reason for no beta M
G9192    System reason for no beta M
G9193    Doc not eligible for dep med M
G9194    Mdd pt treated for 180d M
G9195    Mdd pt not treated for 180d M
G9196    Med reason for no ceph M
G9197    Order for ceph M
G9198    No order for ceph no reason M
G9199    Doc reason for no vte M
G9200    No reason for no vte M
G9201    Vte given upon admission M
G9202    Hep c aby pos M
G9203    Hep c rna done prior to med M
G9204    No reason for no hep c rna M
G9205    Hep c antiviral started M
G9206    Hep c therapy started M
G9207    Hep c genotype prior to med M
G9208    No reason for no hep c geno M
G9209    Hep c rna 4to12 wk after med M
G9210    No hepc rna after med docrsn M
G9211    No hepc rna after med no rsn M
G9212    Doc of dsm-iv init eval M
G9213    No doc of dsm-iv M
G9214    Cd4 count documented M
G9215    No cd4 count no reason M
G9216    No pcp proph at dx no reason M
G9217    No pcp proph low cd4 norsn M
G9218    No pcp prop low at cd4 norsn M
G9219    No oder pjp for med reason M
G9220    No order for pjp for medrsn M
G9221    Pjp proph prescribed M
G9222    Pjp proph ordered low cd4 M
G9223    Pjp proph ordered cd4 low M
G9224    Medrsn no foot exam M
G9225    Norsn no foot exam M
G9226    3 comp foot exam completed M
G9227    Docrsn no care plan M
G9228    Gc chl syp documented M
G9229    Ptrsn no gc chl syp test M
G9230    Norsn for gc chl syp test M
G9231    Doc esrd dia trans preg M
G9232    Docrsn no comm comorb M
G9233    Tkr composite M
G9234    Tkr intent M
G9235    Gs mg composite M
G9236    Op rad mg composite M
G9237    Gs mg intent M
G9238    Op rad mg intent M
G9239    Docrsn for catheter M
G9240    Doc pt w cath maint dia M
G9241    Doc pt w out cath maint dia M
G9242    Doc viral load >=200 M
G9243    Doc viral load <200 M
G9244    Antiviral not ordered M
G9245    Antiviral ordered M
G9246    No med visit in 24mo M
G9247    1 med visit in 24mo M
G9248    No med visit 6mo M
G9249    Med visit w in 6mo M
G9250    Doc of pain comfort 48hr M
G9251    Doc no pain comfort 48hr M
G9252    Neo detect scrn colo M
G9253    No neo detect scrn colo M
G9254    Doc pt dischg >2d M
G9255    Doc pt dischg <=2d M
G9256    Doc death after cas M
G9257    Doc stroke after cas M
G9258    Doc stroke after cea M
G9259    Doc surv no stroke after cas M
G9260    Doc death after cea M
G9261    Doc surv no stroke after cea M
G9262    Doc death in hosp aaa repair M
G9263    Doc surv in hosp aaa repair M
G9264    Docrsn for cath maint dia M
G9265    Doc cath >90d for maint dia M
G9266    Norsn pt cath >=90d M
G9267    Doc comp or mort w in 30d M
G9268    Doc comp or mort w in 90d M
G9269    Doc no comp or mort w in 30d M
G9270    Doc no comp or mort w in 90d M
G9271    LDL under 100 M
G9272    LDL 100 and over M
G9273    Sys<140 and dia<90 M
G9274    BP out of nrml limits M
G9275    Doc of non tobacco user M
G9276    Doc of tobacco user M
G9277    Doc daily aspirin or contra M
G9278    Doc no daily aspirin M
G9279    Pne scrn done doc vac done M
G9280    Pne not given norsn M
G9281    Pne scrn done doc not ind M
G9282    Doc medrsn no histo type M
G9283    Hist type doc on report M
G9284    No hist type doc on report M
G9285    Site not small cell lung ca M
G9286    Doc antibio order w in 7d M
G9287    No doc antibio order w in 7d M
G9288    Doc medrsn no hist type rpt M
G9289    Doc type nsm lung ca M
G9290    No doc type nsm lung ca M
G9291    Not nsm lung ca M
G9292    Medrsn no pt category M
G9293    No pt category on report M
G9294    Pt cat and thck on report M
G9295    Non cutaneous loc M
G9296    Doc share dec prior proc M
G9297    No doc share dec prior proc M
G9298    Eval risk vte card 30d prior M
G9299    No eval risk vte card prior M
G9300    Doc medrsn no compl antibio M
G9301    Doc compl inf antibio M
G9302    Norsn incomp inf antibio M
G9303    Norsn no pros info op rpt M
G9304    Pros info op rpt M
G9305    No interv req for leak M
G9306    Interv req for leak M
G9307    No ret for surg w in 30d M
G9308    Unplnd ret to surg w in 30d M
G9309    No unplnd hosp readm in 30d M
G9310    Unplnd hosp readm in 30d M
G9311    No surg site infection M
G9312    Surgical site infection M
G9313    Docrsn not first line amox M
G9314    Norsn not first line amox M
G9315    Doc first line amox M
G9316    Doc comm risk calc M
G9317    No doc comm risk calc M
G9318    Image std nomenclature M
G9319    Image not std nomenclature M
G9320    Medrsn no std nomenclature M
G9321    Doc count of ct in 12mo M
G9322    No doc count of ct in 12mo M
G9323    Mdrsn no doc cnt of ct M
G9324    Not all data norsn M
G9325    Medrsn no ct rpt to reg M
G9326    Norsn no ct rpt to reg M
G9327    Ct rpt to reg M
G9328    Medrsn no dicom format doc M
G9329    Norsn no dicom format doc M
G9340    Dicom format doc on rpt M
G9341    Srch for ct w in 12 mos M
G9342    No srch for ct in 12mo norsn M
G9343    Medrsn no dicom srch M
G9344    Sysrsn no dicom srch M
G9345    Follow up pulm nod M
G9346    No follow up pulm nod M
G9347    No follow up pulm nod norsn M
G9348    Docrsn no sinus ct dx M
G9349    Doc sinus ct 28d M
G9350    No doc sinus ct 28d or dx M
G9351    Doc >1 sinus ct w 90d dx M
G9352    Not >1 sinus ct w 90d dx M
G9353    Medrsn >1 sinus ct w 90d dx M
G9354    Norsn >1 sinus ct w 90d dx M
G9355    No early ind/delivery M
G9356    Early ind/delivery M
G9357    Pp eval/edu perf M
G9358    Pp eval/edu not perf M
G9359    Doc of neg or man pos tb scn M
G9360    No doc of neg or man pos tb M
J0151    Inj Adenosine Diag 1mg N
J0401    Inj Aripiprazole Ext Rel 1mg K
J0717    Certolizumab pegol inj 1mg K
J1442    Inj, Filgrastim G-CSF 1mcg K
J1446    Inj, tbo-filgrastim, 5 mcg E
J1556    Inj, Imm Glob Bivigam, 500mg G
J1602    Golimumab for iv use 1mg K
J3060    Inj, Taliglucerace Alfa 10 u G
J3489    Zoledronic Acid 1mg K
J7301    Skyla 13.5mg E
J7316    Inj, Ocriplasmin, 0.125 mg G
J7508    Tacrolimus ex rel oral 0.1mg G
J9047    Injection, Carfilzomib, 1 mg G
J9262    Inj, Omacetaxine Mep, 0.01mg G
J9306    Injection, Pertuzumab, 1 mg G
J9354    Inj, Ado-trastuzumab Emt 1mg G
J9371    Inj, vincristine sul lip 1mg G
J9400    Inj, ziv-aflibercept, 1mg G
L0455    TLSO flex trnk sj-t9 pre ots A
L0457    TLSO flex trnk sj-ss pre ots A
L0467    TLSO r fram soft pre ots A
L0469    TLSO rig fram pelvic pre ots A
L0641    LO rig pos pnl L1-L5 pre ots A
L0642    LO sag ri an/pos pnl pre ots A
L0643    LSO sag ctr rigi pos pre ots A
L0648    LSO sag r an/pos pnl pre ots A
L0649    LSO sc r pos/lat pnl pre ots A
L0650    LSO sc r ant/pos pnl pre ots A
L0651    LSO sag-co shell pnl pre ots A
L1812    Ko elastic w/joints pre ots A
L1833    Ko adj jnt pos r sup pre ots A
L1848    Ko dbl upright w/air pre ots A
L3678    So hard plas stabili pre ots A
L3809    Whfo w/o joints pre ots A
L3916    Who nontorsion jnts pre ots A
L3918    Metacarp fx orthosis pre ots A
L3924    Hfo without joints pre ots A
L3930    Hfo nontorsion jnts pre ots A
L4361    Pneuma/vac walk boot pre ots A
L4387    Non-pneum walk boot pre ots A
L4397    Static or dynami afo pre ots A
L5969    Ak/ft Power Asst Incl Motors A
L8679    Imp Neurosti Pls Gn Any Type A
Q0161    Chlorpromazine hcl 5mg oral N
Q2028    Inj, Sculptra, 0.5mg B
Q3027    Inj beta interferon im 1 mcg K
Q3028    Inj beta interferon sq 1 mcg E
Q4137    Amnioexcel or biodexcel, 1cm N
Q4138    BioDfence DryFlex, 1cm N
Q4139    Amnio or biodmatrix, inj 1cc N
Q4140    Biodfence 1cm N
Q4141    Alloskin ac, 1 cm N
Q4142    Xcm biologic tiss matrix 1cm N
Q4143    Repriza, 1cm N
Q4145    Epifix, inj, 1mg N
Q4146    Tensix, 1cm N
Q4147    Architect ecm, 1cm N
Q4148    Neox 1k, 1cm N
Q4149    Excellagen, 0.1 cc N
S9960    Air ambulanc nonemerg fixed E
S9961    Air ambulan nonemerg rotary E
T4544    Adlt disp und/pull on abv xl E

Category II Codes   

9001F    Aortic aneurysm<5cm diam ct E
9002F    Aortic aneurysm 5-5.4cm diam E
9003F    Aortic anrysm5.5-5.9cm diam M
9004F    Aortic anrysm 6/> cm diam M
9005F    Asympt carot/vrtbrbas sten E
9006F    Sympt sten-tia/strk<120days M
9007F    Other carot sten 120 days/> M
90673    Flu vacc riv3 no preserv L

Category III Codes 

0335T    Extraosseous joint stblztion T
0336T    Lap ablat uterine fibroids T
0337T    Endothel fxnassmnt non-invas S
0338T    Trnscth renal symp denrv unl S
0339T    Trnscth renal symp denrv bil S
0340T    Ablate pulm tumors + extnsn T
0341T    Quant pupillometry w/ rprt N
0342T    Thxp apheresis w/ hdl delip S
0343T    Transcath mtral vlve repair C
0344T    Transcath mtral vlve repair C
0345T    Transcath mtral vlve repair C
0346T    Ultrasound elastography N

Source: https://www.gpo.gov/

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