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2015 New CPT Codes

20604 Drain/inj joint/bursa w/us
20606 Drain/inj joint/bursa w/us
20611 Drain/inj joint/bursa w/us
20983 Ablate bone tumor(s) perq
21811 Optx of rib fx w/fixj scope
21812 Treatment of rib fracture
22510 Perq cervicothoracic inject
22511 Perq lumbosacral injection
22512 Vertebroplasty addl inject
22513 Perq vertebral augmentation
22514 Perq vertebral augmentation
22515 Perq vertebral augmentation
22858 Second level cer diskectomy
27279 Arthrodesis sacroiliac joint
33270 Ins/rep subq defibrillator
33271 Insj subq impltbl dfb elctrd
33272 Rmvl of subq defibrillator
33273 Repos prev impltbl subq dfb
33418 Repair tcat mitral valve
33419 Repair tcat mitral valve
33946 Ecmo/ecls initiation venous
33947 Ecmo/ecls initiation artery
33948 Ecmo/ecls daily mgmt-venous
33949 Ecmo/ecls daily mgmt artery
33951 Ecmo/ecls insj prph cannula
33952 Ecmo/ecls insj prph cannula
33953 Ecmo/ecls insj prph cannula
33954 Ecmo/ecls insj prph cannula
33956 Ecmo/ecls insj ctr cannula
33958 Ecmo/ecls repos perph cnula
33962 Ecmo/ecls repos perph cnula
33964 Ecmo/ecls repos perph cnula
33966 Ecmo/ecls rmvl prph cannula
33984 Ecmo/ecls rmvl prph cannula
33986 Ecmo/ecls rmvl ctr cannula
33987 Artery expos/graft artery
33988 Insertion of left heart vent
33989 Removal of left heart vent
37218 Stent placemt ante carotid
43180 Esophagoscopy rigid trnso
47383 Perq abltj lvr cryoablation
52441 Cystourethro w/implant
52442 Cystourethro w/addl implant
62302 Myelography lumbar injection
62303 Myelography lumbar injection
62304 Myelography lumbar injection
62305 Myelography lumbar injection
64486 Tap block unil by injection
64487 Tap block uni by infusion
64488 Tap block bi injection
64489 Tap block bi by infusion
66179 Aqueous shunt eye w/o graft
66184 Revision of aqueous shunt
76641 Ultrasound breast complete
76642 Ultrasound breast limited
77063 Breast tomosynthesis bi
77085 Dxa bone density study
77086 Fracture assessment via dxa
77306 Telethx isodose plan simple
77307 Telethx isodose plan cplx
77316 Brachytx isodose plan simple
77317 Brachytx isodose intermed
77318 Brachytx isodose complex
88341 Immunohisto antibody slide
88342 Immunohisto antibody stain
88344 Immunohisto antibody slide
88364 Insitu hybridization (fish)
88369 M/phmtrc alysishquant/semiq
88373 M/phmtrc alys ishquant/semiq
88374 M/phmtrc alys ishquant/semiq
88375 Optical endomicroscpy interp
88377 M/phmtrc alys ishquant/semiq
91200 Liver elastography
92145 Corneal hysteresis deter
93260 Prgrmg dev eval impltbl sys
93261 Interrogate subq defib
93355 Echo transesophageal (tee)
93644 Electrophysiology evaluation
93702 Bis xtracell fluid analysis
93895 Carotid intima atheroma eval
97607 Neg press wnd tx </=50 sq cm
97608 Neg press wound tx >50 cm
99184 Hypothermia ill neonate
G0276 Pild/placebo control clin tr
G0279 Tomosynthesis, mammo screen
G0416 Prostate biopsy, any mthd
G0473 Group behave couns 2-10
G6001 Echo guidance radiotherapy
G6002 Stereoscopic x-ray guidance
G6003 Radiation treatment delivery
G6004 Radiation treatment delivery
G6005 Radiation treatment delivery
G6006 Radiation treatment delivery
G6007 Radiation treatment delivery
G6008 Radiation treatment delivery
G6009 Radiation treatment delivery
G6010 Radiation treatment delivery
G6011 Radiation treatment delivery
G6012 Radiation treatment delivery
G6013 Radiation treatment delivery
G6014 Radiation treatment delivery
G6015 Radiation tx delivery imrt
G6016 Delivery comp imrt
G6017 Intrafraction track motion
G6018 Ileoscopy w/stent
G6019 Colonoscopy lesion removal
G6020 Colonoscopy w/stent
G6021 Unlisted px small intestine
G6022 Sigmoidoscopy w/ablate tumr
G6023 Sigmoidoscopy w/stent
G6024 Lesion removal colonoscopy
G6025 Colonoscopy w/stent
G6027 Anoscopy hra w/spec collect
G6028 Anoscopy hra w/biopsy

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