cpt 61055

CPT changes for myelography procedures

Two myelogram injection codes have been revised and four new comprehensive codes have been established for myelogram contrast injection and imaging.

For the injection codes, the description of CPT 61055 has been changed and the words “(eg, c1-c2)”have been removed, presumably to eliminate redundancy.

Also the description of CPT 62284 was changed from “injection ….spinal” to “injection….lumbar

CPT Code : 61055

Description: Cisternal or lateral cervical (C1-C2) puncture; with injection of medication or other substance for diagnosis or treatment.

CPT Code: 62284

Description: Injection procedure for myelography and/or computed tomography, lumbar (other than C1-C2 and posterior fossa).

Reference: http://www.radiologytoday.net

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