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New E&M codes for the year 2019

For 2019, the E&M section of CPT code book will have two new codes for Interprofessional Telephone/Internet/Electronic Health Record...

Examples for P9603

Per Mile Travel Allowance (P9603)

Example 1: In CY 2018, a laboratory technician travels 60 miles round trip from a lab in a city to a remote rural location, and back to the lab to draw a single Medicare patient’s blood. The total reimbursement would be $60.00 (60 miles x $1.00 a mile), plus the specimen collection fee.

Example 2: In CY 2018, a laboratory technician travels 40 miles from the lab to a Medicare patient’s home to draw blood, and then travels an additional 10 miles to a non-Medicare patient’s home and then travels 30 miles to return to the lab. The total miles traveled would be 80 miles. The claim submitted would be for one half of the miles traveled or $40.00 (40 x $1.00), plus the specimen collection fee.

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