CPT code 43262

Answers for CPC sample Questions

CPC sample question # 1

CPT 26123, CPT 26125, ICD-9-CM 728.6

CPT 26123 is used for reporting the Fasciectomy, with release of 1 single digit and CPT 26125 is for the additional dight.

Diagnosis code 728.6 is used to report the Dupuytren’s contraction

CPC sample question # 2

CPT 33208, ICD-9-CM 426.12

CPT 33208 is reported for the pacemaker with the atrial and ventricular electrodes and CPT 71090 is reported for the fluorscopic guidance.

420.12 identifies the Mobitz Type II atriovertricular block (AHA 2007 second quarter).

CPC sample question # 3

CPT 52601, 51040-59, ICD-9-CM 600.01, 599.69

The transurethral resection and vaporization of the prostate. The prostate tissue was destroyed using electric current vaporization and CPT 51040 for the suprapubic catheter insered at the end of the procedure. CPT Code 51040 would need a modifier 59 appended.

600.01 is reported for the hypertrophy with urinary obstruction

599.69 is reported as under the instruction for 600.01 an addition code is reported for the obstruction using code 599.69

Reference: Coding Clinic; 4th quarter 2003

CPC sample question # 4

CPT 36215-LT, CPT 36217-RT, CPT 36216-LT, CPT 36218-RT, CPT 75650, CPT 75685-RT, and CPT 75685-LT, CPT 75680, CPT 75671

The placement of the catheter (and the injection) into the aortic arch is not reported because a nonselective catheter placement is not separately reported if was followed by selective catheter placement.

CPT 36217-RT is reported for selection of the right vertebral artery because it is a third order vessel. CPT 36216-LT is reported for selection of the left vertbral artery because it is 2nd order vessel. The add-on code CPT 36218-RT is reported for selection of the right common carotid artery because it is an additional 2nd order vessel within the innominate family.

CPT 75650 is reported for imaging of the aortic arch injection.

CPT 75685-RT and CPT 75685-LT are reported for the imaging of the right and left vertebral arteries. Note that there is no bilateral code for vertebral imaging. Also, according to the July 2001 CPT® Assistant, the 50 modifier should not be reported with radiology imaging codes

The common carotid injection allowed the physician to study arteries in both the neck and head areas. CPT 75680 (bilateral code) is reported for imaging of both the left and right carotid arteries in the neck (ie, cervical) area. CPT 75671 is reported for imaging of both the left and right carotid arteries in the head (ie, cerebral) area. CPT Code 75671 is a bilateral procedure and reported only once

CPC sample question # 5

CPT 43235, CPT 43450, ICD-9-CM 787.20

CPC sample question # 6

CPT 64721, ICD-9-CM 354.0

CPC sample question # 7

CPT 43262, CPT 43264, CPT 74328, CPT 74300, ICD-9-CM 574.51

CPT code(s) In the Index, “cholangiopancreatography with surgery” lists a series of code in the CPT 43262-43269 range. A review of the code descriptions in this range shows that two codes are required to describe the procedures performed: CPT 43262, ERCP with sphincterotomy/papillotomy; and CPT 43264, ERCP with endoscopic retrograde removal of stone(s) from biliary and/or pancreatic ducts.

Code 74328 is reported for the biliary catheterization. (The scope was positioned in place and a guidewire was grasped by the external snare and pulled up into the bile duct out through the skin.)

CPT 74300 (Before concluding the procedure, a followed-up cholangiogram was performed and revealed no further evidence of stones within the duct). Since there was no mention of when the first cholangiogram was performed we can only report it once.       

Diagnosis code reported is 574.51, Calculus of bile duct without mention of cholecystits, with obstruction

CPC sample question # 8

CPT 52310-58

CPC sample question # 9

CPT 66984, ICD-9-CM 366.14

CPT 66984 Reports the cataract extraction with the intraocular lens implant.

366.14 Identifies the posterior subcapsular senlie cataract.

CPC sample question # 10

CPT 49204, 211.8

CPC sample question # 11

CPT 43246, CPT 31600-59, CPT 518.81, CPT 263.9

CPC sample question # 12

CPT 93510, CPT 93543, CPT 93545, CPT 93555, CPT 93556 

CPC sample question # 13

CPT 49322, 620.2, 617.3

CPC sample question # 14

CPT 43245, 43239-59

CPC sample question # 15

CPT 58150, 182.0

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