CMS to Begin Accepting Suggestions for Potential PQRS Measures in May

In May, 2014, CMS will begin accepting quality measure suggestions for potential inclusion in the proposed set of quality measures in the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) for future rule-making years. Quality measures submitted in this Call for Measures also will be considered for use in other quality programs for physicians and other eligible professionals (e.g. Value Based Modifier, Physician Compare, Medicare Shared Savings Program, etc.). 

Beginning this year, the Call for Measures will be conducted in an ongoing open format. Measures submitted from May 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014 may be considered for inclusion on the 2014 Measures Under Consideration (MUC) list for implementation in PQRS as early as 2016. Unlike previous years, where the annual Call for Measures closed after a specified period of time, the Call for Measures will remain open indefinitely. Measures submitted after June 30, 2014, may be considered for inclusion on the 2015 MUC list for implementation in PQRS as early as 2017. The month that a measure is submitted for consideration will determine when it can be included on the MUC list. Once submitted under the Call for Measures, measures will need to be included on the MUC list, put forth for Measure Application Partnership (MAP) review and proposed for public comment prior to CMS being able to include the measure in the PQRS measure set. 

Each measure submitted for consideration must include all required supporting documentation. Documentation requirements and the submission timeline is posted on the Measures Management System Call for Measures web page 

When submitting measures for consideration, please ensure that your submission is not duplicative of another existing or proposed measure. Measures submitted for consideration will be assessed to ensure that they meet the needs of the PQRS. As time permits, feedback will be provided to measure submitters upon review of their submission. Additionally, CMS is not accepting claims-based only reporting measures in this process. CMS will give priority to measures that are outcome-based, answer a measure gap and address the most up-to-date clinical guidelines. 

Note: Suggesting individual measures or measures for a new or existing measures group does not guarantee the measure(s) will be included in the proposed or final sets of measures of any Proposed or Final Rules that address the PQRS. Additionally, measures submitted for consideration are not guaranteed to be put forth on the MUC list for MAP review. CMS will determine which individual measures and measures group(s) to include in the proposed set of quality measures, and after a period of public comment, the agency will make the final determination with regard to the final set of quality measures for the PQRS.

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