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(2022) CPT 97018 | Official Description & Procedure

CPT code 97018 can be used when a provider applies paraffin wax on the patient’s joint/joints or dips a patient’s limbs in a solution of paraffin wax.

1. Description

The official description of the 97018 CPT code for paraffin is as follows: “Application of a modality to 1 or more areas; paraffin bath.”

2. What Is Paraffin Wax?

The paraffin wax used during the 97018 CPT code procedure is a semi-solid material made from petroleum. It is colorless, and paraffin wax can retain and absorb heat.

3. Procedure

The paraffin bath is described by CPT 97018 and usually starts with a provider using paraffin wax to treat a body part/area of a patient.

The paraffin can be applied on a joint with a brush. The provider can also dip part of the patient’s body in paraffin solution.

4. Billing Guidelines

This procedure is often used to treat pain in a patient’s knee joints, hand, or wrist. These paints are usually caused by inflammation or arthritis.

The health provider can use more than one body area during the session.

The 97018 CPT code procedure is often used for a patient with;

  • a contracture as a result of rheumatoid arthritis;
  •  contracture as a result of scleroderma;
  •  acute synovitis;
  •  post-traumatic conditions;
  •  hypertrophic scarring;
  •  degenerative joint disease;
  •  tendon repairs or post-surgical conditions;
  •  osteoarthritis; or
  •  post sprains or strains.

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