CPT Code 00190 | Description & Clinical Information

CPT 00190 describes the provision of anesthesia services by a healthcare provider to a patient who is undergoing a medical procedure on their facial bones or skull.

Official Description

The CPT book defines CPT code 00190 as: “Anesthesia for procedures on facial bones or skull; not otherwise specified”.

Clinical Information

The procedure described by CPT code 00190 is an anesthesia service that involves the evaluation of the patient prior to performing a surgical procedure on either the facial bones or the skull. During the procedure, the anesthesia provider is responsible for inducing the patient and monitoring their vital signs to ensure safe and effective anesthesia care. This may include administering medications and various forms of monitoring, such as ECG, temperature, blood pressure, oximetry, capnography, or mass spectrometry, depending on the patient’s needs.

Throughout the care process, the anesthesia provider carefully notes the types and amounts of medications administered, the monitoring tools utilized, patient responses, and the start and stop times of anesthesia care. This documentation is crucial for ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of healthcare billing procedures.

In addition to the preoperative evaluation and anesthesia care during the procedure, anesthesia services represented by codes 00100 to 01999 also include a postoperative visit to assess the patient’s condition and oversee their transfer to the postanesthesia care unit. If necessary, the anesthesia provider may administer fluids and/or blood during the procedure to maintain the patient’s health.

Standard anesthesia services typically do not include unusual forms of monitoring, such as the use of SwanGanz catheters, intraarterial lines, or central venous lines. However, these specialized services may be coded separately if supported by sufficient medical documentation.

Anesthesia care is an essential component of many surgical procedures, ensuring patient safety and comfort throughout the operation. The proper use of anesthesia codes, such as CPT 00190, ensures accurate billing practices and promotes efficient healthcare delivery.

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