CPT Code 00794 | Description & Clinical Information

CPT 00794 describes the administration of anesthesia services to a patient undergoing a partial or total pancreatectomy, including a Whipple procedure, which involves the removal of the head of the pancreas and adjacent structures, with the cut end of the pancreas reconnected to the small intestine, and may involve laparoscopy.

Official Description

The CPT book defines CPT code 00794 as: “Anesthesia for intraperitoneal procedures in upper abdomen including laparoscopy; pancreatectomy, partial or total (eg, Whipple procedure)”.

Clinical Information

The procedure described by CPT code 00794 involves the critical role of an anesthesia provider in performing a preoperative evaluation of a patient. This evaluation is to understand the patient’s medical history, determine their condition, and establish the best anesthesia care plan for the procedure. Once the evaluation is complete, the anesthesia provider proceeds to induce the patient to a state of unconsciousness to ensure a painless and comfortable procedure.

During the actual procedure, the anesthesia provider monitors the patient’s vital signs carefully. In the case of a partial or complete pancreatectomy, such as a Whipple procedure, the anesthesia provider ensures that the patient remains in a controlled state of unconsciousness throughout the procedure. The anesthesia provider records any types and amounts of medications administered, any monitoring equipment used, and patient’s responses. Furthermore, the start and stop time of anesthesia care is noted.

After the procedure, the anesthesia provider remains on duty to oversee the patient’s transfer to postanesthesia care. This is equally important as it is critical to ensure that the patient’s condition remains stable at all times.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) has markedly defined the range of anesthesia codes 00100 to 01999 to represent a comprehensive anesthesia service package. This package includes a pre and postoperative visit for the evaluation of the patient, the administration of fluids and/or blood during the procedure, and the provision of standard monitoring services. Standard monitoring services include ECG, temperature, blood pressure, oximetry, capnography, and mass spectrometry.

However, if the procedure requires the use of unusual forms of monitoring, such as the use of SwanGanz catheters, intra-arterial lines, or central venous lines, the anesthesia provider may separately code these services when sufficient supporting documentation is available.

In conclusion, the procedure that corresponds to CPT code 00794 reminds us of the critical role of the anesthesia provider in ensuring the safety and comfort of the patient during surgery. The anesthesia provider performs a preoperative evaluation of the patient, administers and monitors anesthesia during the procedure, notes the types and amounts of medications administered and patient responses, and remains on duty to oversee the patients’ transfer to postanesthesia care. Standard anesthesia services do not include unusual forms of monitoring, which should be coded separately when supported with adequate documentation.

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