CPT Code 0398T | Description & Clinical Information

CPT 0398T describes the utilization of magnetic resonance imaging guidance to administer focused high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) that generate heat to eliminate damaged or diseased brain tissue that is identified as the cause of movement disorders, and the provider may also employ a stereotactic system with markers on the head as a surgical guide to ensure accurate delivery of heat to the lesion while preserving healthy tissue.

Official Description

The CPT book defines CPT code 0398T as: “Magnetic resonance image guided high intensity focused ultrasound (MRgFUS), stereotactic ablation lesion, intracranial for movement disorder including stereotactic navigation and frame placement when performed”.

Billing Guidelines

Do not bill for CPT code 0398T when reporting CPT codes 61781 or 61800.

To detect melanomas and high risk melanocytic atypia in clinically atypical cutaneous pigmented lesions, utilize CPT code 96999 for multispectral digital skin lesion analysis.

Clinical Information

The procedure described by CPT code 0398T is an innovative method used to treat various medical conditions by employing a high-intensity focused ultrasound. This process involves a precise, targeted approach to reach specific areas of the brain to destroy harmful tissues, which may be causing a patient’s symptoms or medical condition.

To begin with, a healthcare provider will prepare the patients for the procedure by instructing them to lie down in the magnetic resonance image (MRI) scanner. Once the patient is comfortably positioned, the healthcare provider immobilizes the head and may place a stereotactic frame and markers on the skull’s surface to guide the focused delivery of the high-intensity ultrasound.

During the procedure, the healthcare provider uses a stereotactic system, which employs a three-dimensional coordinate system to locate the target tissues in the brain accurately. This system uses previously taken magnetic resonance images from a computer system to obtain a three-dimensional view of the brain, which helps to locate the targeted area.

To further aide the procedure, the healthcare provider may place a helmet fixed with transducers over the patient’s head and fill the space between the helmet and head with silicone. By doing so, the transducers can generate heat, which destroys the lesions in the brain.

The procedure’s effectiveness lies in its precision to target specific areas of the brain with minimal side effects. The patient’s safety and comfort during the procedure are of utmost importance. The healthcare provider monitors the patient’s body temperature, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and blood pressure throughout the process.

After the procedure is completed, the healthcare provider will remove the helmet and step down the focused ultrasound beams. The patient’s vital signs will continue to be monitored for a short period to ensure there are no immediate complications. The patient must then be driven home, and a healthcare provider will schedule a follow-up appointment to evaluate the patient’s progress and determine if further treatment is necessary.

In conclusion, the CPT code 0398T procedure is an advanced and innovative approach to treat various medical conditions by using a high-intensity focused ultrasound. The procedure’s precision and accuracy to target specific areas of the brain with minimal side effects provide patients with an efficient and effective treatment method. Furthermore, the healthcare provider’s diligence in monitoring the patient’s safety and well-being throughout the procedure and follow-up appointments ensure the patients receive optimal care.

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