CPT Code 0617T | Description & Clinical Information

CPT 0617T describes the insertion of an artificial iris into a patient’s eye, which involves the removal of the patient’s native lens and placement of an intraocular lens, and any additional procedures such as the removal, repair, or fixation of the native iris are included with this code and should not be reported separately.

Official Description

The CPT book defines CPT code 0617T as: “Insertion of iris prosthesis, including suture fixation and repair or removal of iris, when performed; with removal of crystalline lens and insertion of intraocular lens”.

Billing Guidelines

Report CPT 0617T separately and do not include it in conjunction with CPT codes 66982, 66983, or 66984.

Clinical Information

The procedure describes by CPT code 0617T is a highly specialized surgery that involves the implantation of an iris prosthesis. It is usually recommended for patients who have suffered from an eye injury, disease or congenital anomaly.

To begin with the procedure, the iris prosthesis is made to order for the patient. This tailor-made approach ensures that the implant will fit perfectly and provide the desired aesthetic result.

The patient is then placed on the operating table under general anesthesia. The eye is carefully prepped and draped, and the provider instills numbing drops, anti-inflammatory drops, and antibiotic drops into the eye prior to proceeding. These steps are taken to ensure that the patient remains comfortable throughout the procedure and that the risk of infection is minimized.

Once the patient is adequately prepared, the provider makes a small incision through the sclera and cornea. This incision allows the provider to access the interior of the eye where the implantation will take place.

First, the provider removes the patient’s natural lens and replaces it with an intraocular lens. This step is taken to improve the patient’s vision and ensure that the implanted iris prosthesis sits perfectly within the eye.

If the patient’s natural iris needs to be removed, the provider will do so. This may be necessary in cases where the iris is damaged or diseased. If the recipient site needs revision, the provider will also perform this step before proceeding with the implantation.

The next step in the procedure is to place the folded iris prosthesis through the incision. The prosthesis is then unfolded and smoothly positioned using surgical instruments. Depending on the type of prosthesis, it may be held in place by other eye structures around the iris or sutured in place with just enough tension to hold it in position.

Finally, the incision is sealed with sutures or other means such as glue. A patch is placed over the eye and the patient is held in recovery for a short time.

In conclusion, the CPT code 0617T procedure is an intricate and delicate surgery that requires a high level of skill and expertise. It is designed to improve the patient’s vision and restore the natural appearance of the eye. With careful preparation, precise techniques and attention to detail, this surgery can be a life-changing experience for patients who have suffered from eye injuries or congenital defects.

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