CPT Code 23130 | Description & Clinical Information

CPT 23130 describes a procedure in which the healthcare provider performs a reshaping of the acromion, which is the bony projection located at the end of the shoulder blade, to restore the shoulder’s motion and safeguard the rotator cuff, which may involve partial removal of the acromion and/or incision of the ligament that connects the muscle to the shoulder blade.

Official Description

The CPT book defines CPT code 23130 as: “Acromioplasty or acromionectomy, partial, with or without coracoacromial ligament release”.

Clinical Information

The procedure that is described by CPT code 23130 is a surgical process which involves making an incision from the center of the AC joint downwards. This is done after the patient has been appropriately prepped and anesthetized, and the provider proceeds to dissect through the skin and subcutaneous tissues down to the deltoid muscle.

At this point, the deltoid fibers are incised in line with the clavicle and the dissection is extended, splitting the deltoid up to the dorsal or rear aspect of the acromion. The provider then proceeds to detach the deltoid from the acromion subperiosteally to expose the anterior or front part of the acromion from the lateral corner to the AC joint. The acromion is then reshaped.

If necessary, the coracoacromial ligament is released to provide better access during the procedure. To protect the rotator cuff, the provider makes a vertical cut with an osteotome or bone saw and resects the anterior or frontward acromion. This is done to ensure that the corner of the acromion anteroinferiorly, or in front and below, is excised with an osteotome to create a flat or slightly angled up acromion.

After the procedure is completed, the provider irrigates the area and checks for bleeding. Any instruments used during the procedure are removed, and the incision is closed. It is essential that the provider takes care to ensure that the rotator cuff is protected during the procedure, as it is a vital component of the shoulder joint.

Patients who require this procedure may be experiencing shoulder pain or loss of mobility due to the impingement of the shoulder joint caused by a damaged or deformed acromion. The procedure is performed to remove or reshape the acromion to reduce impingement and improve shoulder function. Recovery time can vary depending on the individual and the extent of the procedure but may involve physical therapy to aid in the post-operative rehabilitation process.

In summary, the procedure described by CPT code 23130 is a significant surgical process aimed at improving shoulder function in patients with acromion impingement. The procedure requires careful attention to the protection of the rotator cuff and can be followed by a range of post-operative treatments to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.

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