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CPT 27096 | Sacroiliac Joint Injection | Corticosteroid Or Anesthetic

CPT code 27096 covers the injection of a corticosteroid medication or an anesthetic into the patient’s sacroiliac joint (SI joint).

1. What Is CPT Code 27096?

CPT 27096 is a procedural code that covers the injection of an anesthetic for pain relief or a corticosteroid medication for anti-inflammatory.

The injection is performed in the patient’s sacroiliac joint (SI joint), between the ilium and the sacrum on one side of the patient’s body.

2. Description

The 27096 CPT code is officially described in the CPT book as: “Injection procedure for sacroiliac joint, anesthetic/steroid, with image guidance (fluoroscopy or CT) including arthrography when performed.”

3. Procedure

The 27096 CPT code procedure starts with the provider preparing the patient. Then, they will provide anesthesia to the area before the needle is injected into the joint.

Once the patient is appropriately prepped, the health provider uses CT or fluoroscopic guidance to insert the needle into the sacroiliac joint of the patient.

After the needle placement, the provider injects the steroid medication or the anesthetic into the joint for pain relief.

The needle is withdrawn from the joint after the provider injects the medication or anesthetic.

In case of an arthrography of the sacroiliac joint, contrast is injected into the joint for radiographic images.

4. How To Use CPT 27096

Arthrography is included if it is performed during the 27096 CPT code procedure.

Do not report this code if fluoroscopy (or CT) imaging is not performed. You can use CPT 20552 instead.

4.1 Does CPT Code 27096 Need A Modifier?

You do not need a modifier if CPT 27096 is performed as a unilateral procedure. You can use modifier 50 with CPT code 27096 for a bilateral procedure.

4.2 Does CPT Code 27096 Include Fluoroscopy?

Yes, CPT 27096 includes Fluoroscopy. This code includes image guidance for the insertion of a needle with fluoroscopic imaging.

5. Resources

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