CPT Code 46230 | Description & Clinical Information

CPT 46230 describes the removal of multiple external papilla or skin tags from the anal area, which are often associated with the external edge of an anal fissure or fistula, and are removed by the provider during the procedure.

Official Description

The CPT book defines CPT code 46230 as: “Excision of multiple external papillae or tags, anus”.

Clinical Information

The procedure described by CPT code 46230 involves the removal of papilla and anal skin tags. This procedure is often performed in patients who suffer from conditions such as hemorrhoids or anal warts, which may cause discomfort or pain. In order to carry out the procedure, the patient needs to be appropriately prepped and anesthetized.

Once the patient is ready, the provider begins by identifying the papilla, which is a small projection of tissue located near the anus. The provider then grasps the papilla with forceps and applies pressure to crush it. Once the papilla is crushed, the provider uses surgical scissors to excise it from the surrounding tissue.

In a similar fashion, the provider also removes any anal skin tags that are present. This involves grasping the skin tag with forceps and excising it with the scissors. In some cases, the provider may also use a surgical loop made of metal wire to remove the skin tag.

After all the papilla and skin tags have been removed, the provider may apply antibiotics to the area of excision to prevent infection. The provider repeats these same procedures on all other lesions he finds.

The removal of papilla and anal skin tags is an important procedure that can bring relief to patients who suffer from conditions such as hemorrhoids or anal warts. However, it is important for patients to discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure with their healthcare provider before undergoing it.

Overall, the procedure described by CPT code 46230 is a safe and effective way to remove papilla and anal skin tags. Patients can expect to experience some discomfort and pain during the recovery period, but these should subside within a few days. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain due to papilla or anal skin tags, speak with your healthcare provider to see if this procedure might be right for you.

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