CPT Code 63283 | Description & Clinical Information

CPT 63283 describes the excision of an intradural growth of the spinal cord and removal of a portion of the sacral vertebra known as the lamina, with a sample of the lesion sent for testing, where intradural refers to the inside of the dura, the resilient outer membrane that encloses the central nervous system.

Official Description

The CPT book defines CPT code 63283 as: “Laminectomy for biopsy/excision of intraspinal neoplasm; intradural, sacral”.

Clinical Information

The procedure described by CPT code 63283 is a surgical intervention that involves the removal of an abnormal growth or tumor located in the spinal cord. This treatment is usually necessary when other non-invasive approaches have been unsuccessful. The procedure typically involves the patient being appropriately prepped and anesthetized in order to minimize pain and discomfort.

Once the patient is ready, the provider makes an incision over the selected sacral vertebra and removes a portion of the sacral vertebra called the lamina. This is the posterior arch of a vertebra, or the back part of the vertebra that covers the spinal canal. This step is critical in accessing the spinal cord and being able to operate on it. The next step is retracting the soft tissues and adjacent muscles to gain access to the spinal cord.

The provider then incises the dura, the outer covering of the spinal cord, and locates the abnormality. A biopsy of the spinal lesion is taken at this stage and sent to the laboratory for testing. The results of this test will help inform the surgeon on how to proceed with the remainder of the procedure.

Following the biopsy, the provider excises the entire tumor and drains out any excess fluid or blood using a drain. This helps in preventing any post-operative complications that may arise. The provider then closes the wound in layers and covers it with a sterile dressing. The patient will then be monitored closely in the recovery room to make sure there are no complications.

In conclusion, the CPT code 63283 procedure is a delicate surgical intervention that requires the highest level of expertise and experience from the surgeon. It is important that the patient understands the risks and benefits of the treatment, and if they believe that it could be beneficial, they should consider discussing it further with their medical team.

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