CPT Code 64795 | Description & Clinical Information

CPT 64795 describes the surgical procedure in which the healthcare provider removes a small portion of a nerve for laboratory analysis, aiding in the diagnosis of various nerve-related conditions, including nerve damage, degeneration, and inflammatory nerve conditions.

Official Description

The CPT book defines CPT code 64795 as: “Biopsy of nerve”.

Clinical Information

The procedure described by CPT code 64795 involves the biopsy of a nerve under certain conditions. It is critical that the patient is well-prepared and adequately anesthetized before the procedure. The provider starts by making an incision on the skin over the nerve that requires a biopsy. The incision continues until the provider exposes the nerve.

In some cases, there are various types of nerve biopsies that a provider can perform, and their choice will depend on the nerve’s location. For instance, there is a sensory nerve biopsy, a selective motor nerve biopsy, and a fascicular biopsy.

During a sensory nerve biopsy, the provider will use Loupe magnification or an operating microscope to excise a small piece of the affected nerve, usually around an inch in length. However, the provider will perform electrical stimulation tests on the fascicles if there is any suspicion of possible function loss. Additionally, the provider will harvest and suture nerve grafts to address any concerns.

Once the nerve biopsy procedure is complete, the provider will close the tissue and the skin. However, it is essential to ensure that the patient is comfortable after the operation and monitors any side effects that may arise.

This nerve biopsy procedure is essential in the diagnosis of certain conditions that may affect the nervous system. It is often necessary to identify and address the underlying cause of damage or loss of nerve function to avoid further complications.

Overall, this CPT code 64795 procedure is a technical and delicate process that requires a skilled and experienced medical practitioner with a well-equipped surgical facility. The provider must ensure that the procedure is performed efficiently, and the patients’ comfort and health are maintained throughout the operation and during the recovery process. Consequently, the benefits of the nerve biopsy procedure outweigh the potential risks, making it a critical tool for treating patients.

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