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CPT 66984 | Extracapsular Cataract Removal With Intraocular Lens Prosthesis

CPT 66984 can be billed when a provider performs extracapsular cataract removal by inserting an intraocular lens prosthesis. This is a one-stage procedure used to remove a cataract by manual or mechanical technique and replace it with an intraocular lens prosthesis while leaving the capsule partially intact.

What Is CPT Code 66984?

CPT code 66984 describes a procedure called “extracapsular cataract removal with insertion of intraocular lens prosthesis.”

CPT 66984 may be used when the surgeon performs a one-stage procedure to remove a cataract that was responsible for clouding the lens in the eye. 

The term “extracapsular” refers to the surgeon removing the lens’s hard nucleus while leaving the capsule. This is the thin membrane that surrounds the lens, partially intact.

After removing the cataract, the surgeon inserts an intraocular lens prosthesis (IOL) into the capsule to replace the clouded lens.

This procedure does not include endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation, a laser procedure used to treat glaucoma.


The CPT book describes CPT code 66984 as: “Extracapsular cataract removal with insertion of intraocular lens prosthesis (one-stage procedure), manual or mechanical technique (e.g., irrigation and aspiration or phacoemulsification); without endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation.”


The provider first prepares the patient and administers anesthesia. Then, a small incision is made in the eye, allowing the provider to access the lens.

The provider uses a manual technique or an ultrasonic device to remove the cloudy lens, leaving the capsule partially intact.

A microscope may be used to aid visualization during the procedure. After removing the lens, the provider inserts an intraocular lens prosthesis and closes the incision with sutures.

An antibiotic solution is also placed into the eye. Note that this procedure does not include using a laser to destroy the ciliary body for glaucoma treatment (a technique called endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation).

How To Use CPT 66984

Side modifiers (LT for left side, RT for right side) should be appended to indicate that the CPT 66984 procedure was performed on opposite eyes.

Report CPT code 66982 instead of CPT 66984 if the case is complex extracapsular cataract removal.

If the procedure included endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation, CPT code 66988 should be used.

And for extracapsular cataract removal with concomitant intraocular aqueous drainage device by internal approach, use CPT code 66991.

For other procedures, such as insertion of ocular telescope prosthesis including removal of the crystalline lens, use CPT 0308T, or for insertion of intraocular anterior segment drainage device into the trabecular meshwork without concomitant cataract removal with intraocular lens implant, use CPT 0671T.

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