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CPT 71046 | Radiologic Examination | Chest | 2 views

CPT 71046 is a diagnostic procedure in which a health provider performs two radiological views of the patient’s chest. This procedure assesses conditions affecting the patient’s chest, nearby structures, or its content.

1. Description

The 71046 CPT code is officially described by the CPTs manual as follows: “Radiologic examination, chest; 2 views”.

2. Procedure

cpt 71046

CPT code 71046 is a diagnostic procedure. The provider starts by positioning the patient to focus the X-ray beam on the chest. The patient mustn’t move to prevent blurring of the picture.

Then, the X-ray machine sends radiation beams through the patient’s chest, and a special film or a computer records the image.

After that, the health provider checks the X-ray. Bones appear white in the image because they absorb more radiation than softer tissue. They appear darker.

The provider can use different views for diagnostic purposes. Possible views of the chest are:

  1. An anteroposterior view: Front-to-back view.
  2. A posteroanterior view: Back-to-front view.
  3. A lateral view: Side–to–side view.
  4. Oblique views (left or right): 45–degree angle views.

Other views of the chest during a CPT 71046 procedure can be the decubitus view to detect fluids or the lordotic view to visualize the apex of the lung or expiratory after the patient exhales.

3. Billing Guidelines

Report Modifier 26 with CPT code 71046 if you report the physician’s interpretation of this service.

Append modifier TC to CPT 71046 if you only report the technical component. You can not use modifier 26 or modifier TC for global services.

Bill CPT 71046 only for two views. You can use CPT 71045 for one view and CPT 71047 for three radiological views. CPT 71048 can be reported for four radiological views or more.

4. Reimbursement

You can bill two units on the same service date. It is allowed to report three units to prove the medical necessity of CPT code 71046.

4.1 CPT With Modifier 26

Below are the costs and RUVs rates for CPT 71046 if reported with the 26 modifier.

OPPS Global$11.490.33213

4.2 CPT With Modifier TC

Below are the costs and RUVs rates for CPT 71046 if reported with the TC modifier.

OPPS Global$96.752.78396

4.3 CPT With A Global Modifier

Below are the costs and RUVs rates for CPT 71046 if reported with a global modifier.

Facility$39.41 1.13870
Non-Facility$39.41 1.13870
OPPS Global$107.84 3.11609.

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