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CPT 72275 | Description, Procedure & Replacement Codes

CPT code 72275 was used for billing imaging interpretation and supervision for an epidurogram of the patient’s spine. This code was removed on 1 January 2022. Below you can find the description, procedure, and replacement codes.

1. What Is CPT Code 72275?

In the 72275 CPT code procedure, the provider performs imaging supervision and interpretation for an epidurogram of the spine.

The provider injects contrast material in the epidural space of the spinal canal and takes a series of X–ray images to detect any injury, compression from a lesion, narrowing or swelling around the nerves, or protrusion in the spine.

Report CPT code 72275 to represent only imaging supervision and interpretation for this procedure.

2. Description

CPT 72275 was described (before it was deleted) as: “Epidurography, radiological supervision, and interpretation”.

NOTE: Remember that CPT code 72275 was deleted on the first of January, 2022.

3. Procedure

When the patient is appropriately prepped and anesthetized, the provider inserts a needle under fluoroscopic guidance to inject contrast material to allow visualization of the epidural space.

He then changes the patient’s position by tilting the X-ray table. This allows the contrast material to reach different levels in the spinal canal.

The provider observes the flow using fluoroscopy and takes a series of X–rays as it changes the patient’s position. The provider who performs imaging supervision and interpretation for this procedure report this CPT 72275.

4. Replacement Codes

CPT deleted CPT code 72275 because of low utilization. CPT 72275 represented supervision and interpretation for an epidurogram of the spine.

The epidural space surrounds the dura, the outermost layer surrounding the spinal canal. 

Replacement codes for CPT 72275 that may be appropriate based on the service are epidural injection codes that include imaging guidance, such as;

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