CPT code 73030

CPT 73030 | Radiologic Examination | Shoulder | 2 Views Or More

CPT 73030 covers a radiological examination of the shoulder, with a minimum of two views (AP and Lateral). A radiologic technician performs this procedure to identify conditions affecting the shoulder area’s bones, joints, and surrounding tissue.

What Is CPT Code 73030?

CPT code 73030 describes a complete radiological examination of the shoulder with a minimum of two views.

A complete shoulder examination typically includes an anteroposterior (AP) view and a lateral one. These two views comprehensively examine the shoulder area’s bones, joints, and surrounding tissue.


The CPT book defines CPT code 73030 as: “Radiologic examination, shoulder; complete, minimum of 2 views.”


This procedure is for a minimum of 2 X-ray views of the complete shoulder. A radiologic technician performs this procedure and ensures that the patient is properly positioned and that the images captured are high quality.

Depending on the site of injury or damage, the technician may perform the X-ray from different views and positions, such as anteroposterior (AP), lateral, frontal, transverse, cross table, standing, or swimmer’s view.

X-rays of the extremities, including the shoulder, are performed to assess various conditions such as injury, fracture, arthritis, bone spurs, tumors, or congenital abnormalities.

These conditions can affect the bones, joints, and surrounding tissue, and X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool for identifying and understanding these issues.

During the procedure, the extremity (arm, wrist, hip, ankle, knee, etc.) is put into a stable position to ensure that the images captured are clear and accurate. The technician may also use special techniques such as weight-bearing or stress views to capture additional information about the shoulder’s condition.

Sometimes X-rays of the unaffected sites are also taken for comparison with those of the affected site.

For example, if the patient has an injury to their left shoulder, the technician may also take an X-ray of the right shoulder to have a point of comparison. This helps the radiologist to evaluate the extent of the injury or damage and to make an accurate diagnosis.

How To Use CPT 73030

When reporting a radiological examination of the shoulder that includes at least two views, use CPT code 73030. If only one view is needed, you can use 73020 instead.

To distinguish between the physician’s interpretation and the technical component of the service, you may need to append modifier 26 (professional component) or TC (technical component) to 73030.

However, some payers may not require the TC modifier for hospital-based services as the technical component is considered inherent. No modifier is needed when one provider provides both professional and technical components.

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