CPT Code 85445 | Description & Clinical Information

CPT 85445 describes the examination of a blood sample by a laboratory analyst to detect the existence of Heinz bodies after the administration of acetyl phenylhydrazine.

Official Description

The CPT book defines CPT code 85445 as: “Heinz bodies; induced, acetyl phenylhydrazine”.

Billing Guidelines

Refer to CPT codes 85014, 85025, and 85027 for Hematocrit [PCV].

Refer to CPT codes 83020-83068, 85018, 85025, and 85027 for Hemoglobin.

Clinical Information

The procedure describes by CPT code 85445 is a laboratory test that evaluates the instability of hemoglobin. At specific time intervals following the administration of acetyl phenylhydrazine, a lab analyst performs the technical steps necessary to smear a blood specimen on a slide, apply a specific stain such as crystal violet, and evaluate the slide under a microscope for the presence of Heinz bodies. These bodies are abnormal inclusions within red blood cells that can be indicative of hemoglobin instability.

The formation of Heinz bodies in the presence of acetyl phenylhydrazine can reveal the degree to which hemoglobin is unstable. This instability can be associated with specific conditions or disorders, though the test is not limited to any one particular condition. Clinicians may order this test to aid in the diagnosis of certain unstable forms of hemoglobin, such as Hb Seattle or Hb Shepherds Bush.

The process of analyzing a blood specimen for Heinz bodies by means of CPT code 85445 involves several technical steps. First, the lab analyst smears a blood specimen onto a slide, ensuring that the cells are evenly distributed. Next, a specific stain is applied, often crystal violet or a similar compound. The stain binds to the Heinz bodies, making them more visible under a microscope.

Finally, the slide is evaluated under a microscope for the presence of Heinz bodies. The analyst will look for distinctive inclusions within individual red blood cells that indicate hemoglobin instability. The appearance and frequency of these inclusions can offer valuable information about the severity of the hemoglobin instability.

Overall, CPT code 85445 is a useful tool for diagnosing various conditions associated with hemoglobin instability. By evaluating the formation of Heinz bodies over time, clinicians can gain insights into the types and severity of unstable hemoglobin present in a patient’s blood. This information can lead to more accurate and effective treatment strategies for a range of disorders.

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