How To Use CPT Code 90632

CPT 90632 refers to the administration of the Hepatitis A vaccine for adults. This code is employed by medical coders and billers to accurately document and bill for the specific service provided to the patient. It is an essential procedure against the Hepatitis A virus, which has potential to cause liver infection and complications.

The official description for CPT code 90632 is: “Hepatitis A vaccine [HepA], adult dosage, for intramuscular use.”

Short description: Hepatitis A vaccine adult dosage.

Procedure for CPT Code 90632

The patient is assessed for eligibility and contraindications to receiving the Hepatitis A vaccine. The healthcare provider then elaborates the patient about the vaccine’s benefits and potential side effects. Following patient’s informed consent, the healthcare provider prepares the vaccine according to specifications given by the manufacturer.

The patient’s skin is cleaned and disinfected at injection site, typically the upper arm. The healthcare provider then administers the vaccine through intramuscular injection. After the injection, healthcare provider monitors the patient for immediate adverse reactions.

The patient is provided post-vaccination care instructions and information on potential side effects. The procedure is documented in patient’s medical record, using CPT code 90632 to accurately document and bill for the service provided.

Qualifying circumstances CPT Code 90632

Adults at risk of contracting Hepatitis A are eligible to receive services under CPT code 90632. These include travelers to countries with high Hepatitis A prevalence, patients with chronic liver disease, users of injection and non-injection drugs, men who have sex with men and those who work with Hepatitis A-infected primates or in Hepatitis A research laboratories. Additionally, any adult seeking protection from Hepatitis A can also receive the vaccine.

When to use CPT Code 90632

It is appropriate to bill the 90632 CPT code when an adult patient receives the Hepatitis A vaccine for preventive purposes. This code is used by medical coders and billers to accurately document and bill for the specific service provided.

Documentation requirements

To support a claim for CPT 90632, it is necessary to document the patient’s age, risk factors for Hepatitis A, indication for the vaccine administration, date of vaccine administration, vaccine manufacturer, lot number, expiration date, injection site, route of administration, any adverse reactions or side effects experienced by the patient, and patient education and informed consent.

Billing guidelines CPT Code 90632

When billing for CPT code 90632, it’s crucial to follow the specific guidelines and rules set by the payer. Steps may include ensuring that the patient’s medical record contains all required documentation to support the claim, verifying the patient’s insurance coverage for the Hepatitis A vaccine, using appropriate modifiers if necessary, and billing separately for the vaccine product and administration using the appropriate codes.

Historical Information and Similar codes to CPT Code 90632

CPT code 90632 was added to the Current Procedural Terminology system on January 1, 1999. The last change was made on 1st January, 2016 with the previous descriptor being: “Hepatitis A vaccine, adult dosage, for intramuscular use”. Similar codes to CPT 90632 include CPT 90633, 90634, 90636, 90723 and 90740.

Examples of CPT Code 90632

Various examples include:

  • a 25-year-old patient traveling to a country with high Hepatitis A prevalence, a 40-year-old patient with chronic liver disease, a healthcare worker who may be exposed to Hepatitis A-infected patients.
  • a 30-year-old patient who uses injection drugs, a laboratory worker handling Hepatitis A-infected primates.
  • a 50-year-old patient with no specific risk factors, a 35-year-old patient who is a close contact of someone with Hepatitis A
  • a 45-year-old patient with a history of Hepatitis A infection, a 60-year-old patient with compromised immune system.
  • a 55-year-old patient who is a food handler, all opting for Hepatitis A vaccine, fall within the parameters of procedure done using CPT Code 90632.

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