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CPT 90792 | Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation With Medical Services

CPT code 90792 can be used if a physician or qualified healthcare provider, in an office or out-patient setting, provides a psychiatric diagnostic evaluation of a patient.

What Is CPT Code 90792

CPT 90792 describes a psychiatric diagnostic evaluation performed by a physician or other qualified healthcare providers, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist, in an office or out-patient setting.

The evaluation includes a detailed examination of the patient’s mental and emotional status and medical history to determine a diagnosis.


The CPT book defines CPT code 90792 as: “Psychiatric diagnostic evaluation with medical services.”


The provider conducts a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation of the patient to make an accurate diagnosis.

The evaluation process includes collecting extensive information about the patient’s present and past behaviors and their family, medical, and social history.

The provider takes the patient’s vital signs and performs a thorough examination, including a review of systems. This examination allows the provider to assess the patient’s current condition and identify potential concerns.

In addition, the provider may order and interpret various lab tests and imaging studies to gather additional information that can aid the diagnosis.

He also evaluates the patient for any adverse drug reactions they may be experiencing, as this can impact the diagnosis.

To gather a complete understanding of the patient’s condition, the provider may also interview family members and friends of the patient. This allows the provider to gain insights into the patient’s behavior and the potential impact of their condition on the patient’s loved ones.

Based on the information gathered during the evaluation, the provider may prescribe medication and devise a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the patient’s unique needs.

Depending on the diagnosis, this may include psychological and neuropsychological therapy, developmental therapy, speech, language, and occupational therapy evaluations.

How To Use CPT 90792

CPT code 90792 can only be used once daily, regardless of how many sessions or time the provider spends with the patient on the same day.

CPT 90792 can not be reported with other codes describing similar services. This includes CPT 99202 until CPT 99316, CPT 99341 until CPT 99350, CPT 99366 until CPT 99368, CPT 99401 until CPT 99443, CPT 97151, CPT 97152, CPT 97153, CPT 97154, CPT 97155, CPT 97156, CPT 97157, CPT 97158, CPT 0362T, or CPT 0373T.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to use CPT 90785 in conjunction with CPT 90792.

This is typically the case when the diagnostic evaluation includes additional services known as interactive complexity services. These services may include interactive psychotherapy, which is clinically essential and helpful in a psychiatric diagnostic assessment and should be billed accordingly.

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