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CPT 93971 | Duplex Scan Of Extremity Veins (Unilateral/Limited)

CPT code 93971 can be used for an ultrasound imaging test to detect blood flow abnormalities in the legs and other extremities.

What Is CPT Code 93971?

CPT 93971 describes a diagnostic procedure called “Duplex scan of extremity veins.”

The 93971 procedure utilizes ultrasound technology to create detailed images of the blood flow within the veins of the legs or other extremities.

This test is used to detect abnormalities or blood flow issues, such as a clot or blockage.

The procedure includes responses to compression and other maneuvers, which the physician or technician utilizes to observe any changes in the blood flow inside the veins, further aiding in diagnosing any potential issues.

This procedure is restricted to either one side of the body or a specific, limited area of the body.

This allows the physician to accurately and precisely target their diagnostic imaging to the area of concern.


The CPT book describes CPT code 93971 as: “Duplex scan of extremity veins including responses to compression and other maneuvers; unilateral or limited study.”


The duplex scanning procedure is performed by a physician or technician who holds a probe on the skin surface. The probe emits short ultrasonic pulses that travel into the body and are reflected as echoes from the soft tissue.

The scanner can detect changes in the frequency of the echoes, which allows it to calculate the speed and direction of blood flow.

The echoes from the probe and successive pulses create an image of the targeted plane in the body. The physician may also perform maneuvers such as compression and other tests to observe changes in the flow inside the vessels.

This procedure can examine the vascular flow of one side of the body’s extremities.

How To Use CPT 93971

CPT code 93971 should not be reported in conjunction with CPT 36475, CPT 36476, CPT 36478, or CPT 36479.

You can also not report CPT 93971 with codes CPT 93985 or CPT 93986 for the same extremity.

Report CPT code 93971 only if the procedure is for a unilateral or limited duplex scan of extremity veins. You may use CPT 93970 instead if the procedure was performed bilaterally.

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