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CPT 97014 | Unattended Electrical Stimulation For Physical Therapy

CPT code 97014 describes the application of electrical stimulation to one or more areas of the body in an unattended setting. For example, in a home physical therapy program without the direct supervision of a healthcare professional.

What Is CPT Code 97014?

CPT 97014 can be used when a patient receives electrical stimulation treatment without the direct supervision of the healthcare professional. The description of 97014 specifies that the treatment is applied to one or more areas of the body.

This procedure is typically used for patients receiving electrical stimulation as part of their home physical therapy program or a similar setting where the provider is not present during the treatment session.


The CPT book describes CPT code 97014 as: “Application of a modality to 1 or more areas; electrical stimulation (unattended).”


The physical therapist, who is the provider, uses an electrical current to stimulate nerves or muscle groups.

This is done to improve the function of a body part impacted by injury or illness, such as a head or spinal cord injury.

The procedure, known as E-stim, involves placing electrodes on the patient’s skin in the affected area.

The therapist then adjusts the electrical current to the desired level to contract the muscle, which helps to build strength and increase blood flow to the area, aiding in the healing process.

How To Use CPT 97014

CPT code 97014 is used to apply electrical stimulation in an unattended setting, typically for physical therapy. However, when billing for Medicare or Medicare HMOs, it is essential to check with your carrier to determine if they require the use of HCPCS code G0283 for indications other than wound care as part of a therapy plan of care.

CPT 97014 can not be used for specific specialized procedures, such as acupuncture with electrical stimulation. You can report CPT 97813 or CPT 97814 instead.

Additionally, for peripheral nerve transcutaneous magnetic stimulation, codes CPT 0766T, CPT 0767T, CPT 0768T, and CPT 0769T should be used instead.

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