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CPT 97533 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines

Report CPT code 97533 for sensory integrative techniques used to enhance sensory processing and promote adaptive responses in patients.

1. What Is CPT 97533?

CPT code 97533 aims to stimulate the sensory system of patients with established dysfunction of sensory processing.

This procedure is often provided for patients with brain injuries or children with autism and assists their brains in processing information more effectively.

2. Description

The CPT book defines 97533 as follows: “Sensory integrative techniques to enhance sensory processing and promote adaptive responses to environmental demands, direct (one-on-one) patient contact, every 15 minutes.”

3. Procedure

The 97533 procedure includes sensory integrative techniques used as a treatment for patients with irregular reactivity to their sensory world.

The provider provides this service one-on-on and to provide stimulation to the senses with the following tools;

  • bounce pads;
  • swings;
  • ramps;
  • scooter boards;
  • carpets; and/or
  • soft brushes.

The tools above elicit a tactile sensation and teach the patient’s brain to respond to stimuli.

4. Billing Guidelines

Report one unit of CPT 97533 for every 15 minutes the provider spent with the patient.

You can not bill 97533 for patients with brain conditions that can not restore or improve their brain’s cognitive function.

Progress of the patient has to be assets every two or three months and has to show measurable significance for continuing the 97533 procedure.

This procedure must be terminated if the provider concludes that the treatment does not improve cognitive rehabilitation.

The 97533 CPT code procedure is considered medically necessary if it is part of a patient’s treatment plan that aims to restore and/or improve specific brain functions.

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