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CPT 99385 | Initial Preventive Medicine E/M | New Patient | 18-38 Years

CPT code 99385 reports an initial comprehensive preventive medicine evaluation and management service for new patients between 18 and 39 years old.

What Is CPT Code 99385?

CPT code 99385 describes an initial comprehensive preventive medicine evaluation and management service for a new patient visit for patients between 18 and 39.

CPT 99385 includes;

  • taking a thorough medical history from the new patient;
  •  a physical examination;
  •  counseling and guidance on maintaining good health and preventing future health problems; and
  •  ordering any lab tests or diagnostic procedures deemed necessary for the patient’s evaluation and management.

This procedure aims to promote good health and prevent future health problems in individuals between 18 and 39.


The CPT book describes CPT code 99385 as: “Initial comprehensive preventive medicine evaluation and management of an individual including an age and gender appropriate history, examination, counseling/anticipatory guidance/risk factor reduction interventions, and the ordering of laboratory/diagnostic procedures, new patient; 18-39 years.”


A provider conducts a well-patient visit for an individual between 18 and 39.

This visit is considered a preventive medicine evaluation and management service designed to help identify and prevent potential health issues before they become serious problems.

During the visit, the provider will conduct a comprehensive history and examination specific to the patient’s age and gender.

This will include asking about the patient’s medical history, current symptoms, and any concerns they may have about their health.

The provider will also perform a physical examination. This includes taking vital signs, measuring height and weight, and conducting a thorough examination of the patient’s head, ears, eyes, nose, throat, neck, chest, abdomen, and other body systems as appropriate.

In addition to the history and examination, the provider will provide counseling and guidance for risk factor prevention.

This may include discussing healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise, as well as providing information about preventative screenings and other measures that can help lower the risk of developing certain health conditions.

Any laboratory/diagnostic tests and immunization services provided during the visit may be separately reported.

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