CPT Code 99606 | Description & Clinical Information

CPT 99606 describes a patient-specific medication evaluation provided by a pharmacist for an established patient, which involves an in-person consultation lasting for 15 minutes and takes into account various factors such as the patient’s medical history and current medication list.

Official Description

The CPT book defines CPT code 99606 as: “Medication therapy management service(s) provided by a pharmacist, individual, face-to-face with patient, with assessment and intervention if provided; initial 15 minutes, established patient”.

Clinical Information

The procedure described by CPT code 99606 involves a face-to-face meeting between a pharmacist and an established patient. Unlike the initial patient service described by CPT code 99605, this code applies to follow-up appointments. During this 15-minute session, the pharmacist engages in a comprehensive review of the patient’s medical history, medication profile, mental comprehension, and caregiver support.

The ultimate aim of the session is to help patients achieve the best possible results from taking their medications. Part of this involves helping patients adhere to their prescriptions and stay on track with their medication regimen. The pharmacist may recommend improvements to the patient’s compliance and suggest strategies for achieving better results.

One key factor in devising this plan is considering the patient’s complete list of medications. This includes both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. The pharmacist must evaluate how these different treatments interact and how each medication contributes to the overall health picture.

In addition to regular follow-up appointments, the pharmacist may also recommend additional caregiver support. This could involve someone who helps the patient with medication management, or it could involve a family member who provides extra support for the patient overall.

Throughout the session, the pharmacist emphasizes the goal of preventing adverse effects. By providing clear, straightforward information about medication management and adherence, patients can better understand the potential pitfalls of their treatment plans. In turn, they can take a more proactive role in their healthcare and take steps to avoid unnecessary complications.

Overall, CPT code 99606 describes an essential service for patients who are taking medications on an ongoing basis. By working closely with a pharmacist, patients can ensure that they receive the maximum benefit from their treatments and avoid potential risks or complications. While this initial session is only 15 minutes long, it can provide a valuable foundation for ongoing support and proactive management of complex medical conditions.

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