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CPT Category III Codes (2022)

A CPT category III code contains a set of temporary codes for emerging technology, services, and procedures. CPT Category III Codes will allow data collection for these services/procedures.

What Are Category 3 CPT Codes?

In simple terms CPT Category III Codes act as a substitute for CPT Category I unlisted codes. This is an activity that is critically important in the evaluation of health care deliver and the formation of public and private policy.

The inclusion of a service or procedure in this section neither implies nor endorses clinical efficacy, safety or the applicability to clinical practice.

CPT Category iii Codes Guidelines

Like the CPT Category II Codes the services/procedures described in this CPT category III section make use of alphanumeric characters. These codes have an alpha character as the 5th character in the sequence, preceded by four digits.

The digits are not intended to reflect the placement of the code in the Category I section of CPT. Codes in this section may or may not eventually receive a Category I CPT code.

In either case, a given Category III code will be archived five years from its date of publication or revision in the CPT code book unless it is demonstrated that a temporary code is still needed.

CPT Category III Codes

The category III codes starts from CPT 0003T to CPT 0202T and the break up of these codes are as follows.

  1. General Category III Codes starts from 0003T to 0073T
  2. Online Medical Evaluation codes from 0074T to 0111T
  3. Medication Therapy Management codes from 0115T to 0117T
  4. Additional Category III Codes, Including Islet cell transplant codes from 0120T to 0140T
  5. Pancreatic Islet Cell Transplantation, CT of heart and/or coronary vessels, Aneurysmal Sac Sensor codes from 0141T to 0187T
  6. Remote Real-time Video conferenced Critical Care Services and misc sacral procedures codes from 0188T to 0202T

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