CPT 34839

CPT Changes For IVR (2021)

Fenestrated endovascular aortic repair (FEVAR): A new code has been created for physician planning that requires at least 90 minutes for FEVAR (CPT 34839).

Scelerotherapy: The code for the treatment of facial spider veins (CPT 36469) has been deleted and no replacement code or guidance has been provided.

Carotid and vertebral stents: The codes for transcatheter carotid stent placement (CPT 37215 – CPT 37217) have been revised and a new code (CPT 37218) for open or percutaneous antegrade approach treatment of intrathoracic common carotid artery or innominate artery has been added for 2015.

Arterial stent placement: The description of codes CPT 37236 – CPT 37237 has been revised to indicate that they are not to be used for lower extremity artery stenting for occlusive disease as codes are already available for this purpose.

Reference: www.radiologytoday.net

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